Madrid Airport Hotel: The only in-terminal hotel in Madrid

Based on my experience, spending an acceptable night at an airport can be a challenge. Depending on how long is the layover it is often convenient to enjoy a hot shower and a nap before boarding the next flight.

In case you have missed your connecting flight, suffered a cancelation, or have a long stopover at Madrid airport, keep on reading to discover the alternatives you have, including the Madrid Airport Hotel located in the public area of Terminal 4.

Madrid International Airport: General information and Terminals

Address: Avda. de la Hispanidad s/n, 28042, Madrid

Contact telephone number: (+34) 91 321 10 00.


The Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas International Airport (Code: MAD) is the largest airport in Spain and one of the busiest in Europe in terms of passenger traffic. The airport is usually known as Barajas Airport or Madrid Airport, and it is located in the northeast of Madrid, only 7 miles from Madrid city center.

Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas has four passenger terminals (T1, T2, T3, and T4) plus a satellite terminal (T4S).

It is really easy to move between all the terminals with the free shuttle bus which connects them from the outside. T4 also connects with a satellite terminal (T4S) through an automatic underground train in just 3 minutes.

The Madrid International Airport has a wide range of facilities to make the layover as comfortable as possible, including lounges, restaurants, children’s play areas, and duty-free stores.

Besides, there is free internet access via Wifi for an unlimited time in terminals T4 and T4S and at the boarding and restaurant areas of terminals T1, T2, and T3.

Madrid Airport Hotel

Most times I have had long layovers at night, I have booked a hotel room to have a nap, take a shower, and relax for a few hours before the next flight.

To be honest, I don´t like sleeping in airports as most times I feel unsafe and uncomfortable. And, overall, the expense is not that high compared with the cost of purchasing useless things at duty-free and eating expensive junk airport food.

For this purpose, the Madrid Airport Hotel (4 stars) offers functional rooms which can be booked overnight and for day use (3 or 6 hours from 10:00 to 18:00), to sleep or rest comfortably while waiting for your flight departure time.

The Madrid Airport Hotel is especially convenient for passengers in transit or with an early-morning flight, as the hotel is located inside the airport. Remember that Madrid Airport does not currently offer sleeping pods.

Air Rooms Madrid Airport by HelloSky

Phone number: +34 91 327 60 15


Air rooms HelloSky

Air Rooms by HelloSky is the only in-terminal hotel at Madrid Airport offering 22 standard and executive rooms located in the public area of Terminal 4 (floor -1).

The most important benefit of booking the Madrid Airport Hotel is that you will be already inside the airport, and the free shuttle bus will take you to the other terminals in 15 minutes at any time of day or night.

It is especially convenient that the rooms can be booked overnight, for day use (maximum six hours) or shower on arrival (maximum 1 hour). It is important to make an accurate estimation of the hours you will stay at the Madrid Airport Hotel, considering the time needed to move between terminals, check in your baggage, and pass through all the security checks to access the designated boarding area.

The Madrid Airport Hotel offers modern and functional air-conditioned rooms with a private bathroom, a flat-screen TV with international channels, a hairdryer, and the usual toiletries needed by passengers in transit.

All rooms are equipped with a wardrobe and a convenient desk for business travelers. There is also a wake-up service and a 24-hour front desk.

Take into account that pets are not allowed, if you are traveling with your pet you should look for other alternatives.

Besides, as the airport transit hotel is located in Terminal 4, and due to the Barajas Airport’s regulations, the Madrid Airport Hotel is not allowed to offer a private Wi-Fi connection and guests have to use the signal given by the Airport which is not that good.

Where is the Madrid Airport Hotel located?

Air rooms Madrid Airport by Premium Traveler

Some guests have had some trouble in the past finding the hotel, so pay attention to this information if you finally book a room at the Madrid Airport Hotel.

The rooms are located in the public area of terminal T4, so passengers can also access them with their luggage if they have not yet checked in.

In case you are in terminals T1, T2, and T3, you need to get the free “Transit” bus which connects all the terminals to the T4. This bus will drop you off on the second floor, take the lift to floor -1, and you will find the Madrid Airport Hotel between the metro station and rental car offices.

If you have already landed on the T4, you must pass through Immigration and Customs controls to access the public area of the terminal. Then head to floor -1 as commented above.

Other hotels near Madrid airport



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The Madrid Airport Hotel is the perfect option to choose when you spend only a few hours in Madrid and want to enjoy a hot shower and a nap before boarding the next flight. But, for longer layovers there are, in my opinion, much better and cheaper alternatives just a few miles away that offer free airport shuttles.

If you finally decide to stay in one of these nearby hotels, it is essential that you have extra time for the shuttle, check-in, pass through security, and get to the boarding area.

In my post with the best places to stay near Madrid Airport, you will find the specifications and images of the following hotels:

Marriott is the largest hotel chain in the world
Hilton Airport Hotel in Madrid

Is it safe to sleep overnight at Madrid Airport?

If you are a budget traveler, you could opt out of staying in the Madrid Airport Hotel and save some money. However, as you can imagine, sleeping at Madrid Airport can be quite uncomfortable.

Overall, it is safe to sleep at the airport, although some travelers can feel unsafe leaving their belongings unattended, especially if solo travelers.

In case you decide not to book a room in the Madrid Airport Hotel and sleep at the airport, check out the following tips to stay safe:

Toddler waiting at the Barajas airport in Madrid
  • Wear a comfortable travel outfit and pack sleep-over items in your carry-on. Ear plugs, an eye mask, and a travel pillow come in very handy. Of course, do not forget your phone charger.
  • Consider the possibility of storing your luggage at the Left Luggage Offices in Terminals T1, T2, and T4. Or at least secure your bag while you sleep with a lock or similar. Pay special attention to your phone, passport, and credit cards.
  • Look for a set of chairs with no armrests, and ask a security guard what is the safest place to sleep. During the night, you could be requested for your travel documentation by the security personnel.

Madrid Airport Lounges

Getting to Madrid city center from the Barajas airport

Another alternative to the Madrid Airport Hotel for a short stopover is the Premium Lounges, which have a rest area and showers, wifi, food, and beverages. All you need to chill for a couple of hours.

Remember that smoking is not permitted inside the lounges, including electronic cigarettes or vapers. If you are looking for a place to smoke at the airport, there is an outdoor smoking area in the outdoor area of terminal T4.

You can consider purchasing a one-time pass. But check first your credit cards’ benefits as some credit card programs give you free access even with economy class tickets.

Is it possible to visit Madrid on a long layover?

Puerta de Alcalá

Although there are several tourist attractions near Barajas, travelers can easily go from the airport to Madrid’s historic city center using public transport in about 30-40 minutes.

But consider that you will need at least 3 hours to get back to the airport, check in your luggage, pass the security, and get to your gate.

Therefore, in my opinion, a layover of at least 7 hours is necessary to get to the city center, visit some of the most popular attractions and get back to the airport on time.

When you spend a very limited time in Madrid, it can be especially interesting to book a 2-3 hour free guided tour or get tickets for the Hop on Hop off bus.

Finally, when searching for the best place to stay in Madrid remember that:

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