How to Rent a Boat in El Retiro Park (Madrid)

Renting a boat in El Retiro Park is one of the most popular activities in Madrid for locals and tourists alike, especially during the weekends.

It is the perfect outdoor activity to have fun while enjoying the sunny weather in the capital of Spain. And you will admire some of the best attractions in El Retiro such as the stunning Monument to King Alfonso XII.

Find below all the necessary information to rent a boat in El Retiro.

How to get to El Retiro Park?

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Address: Plaza de la Independencia 7

Metro Madrid is probably the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to get to El Retiro.

Although there are several subway stations next to the Park, Retiro (Line 2), and Ibiza (Line 9) are the stations closest to the boat rental.

What is the price of a boat rental in El Retiro?

The price to rent a boat for 45 minutes is € 6 (€ 8 on weekends and bank holidays), with a maximum of 4 occupants.

Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

What are the opening hours?

The boats can be rented from Monday to Sunday, from 10:00 to 20:00 (18:30 in Winter and depending on the sunlight).

Where can I rent the boat in El Retiro Park in Madrid?

You will find the El Retiro Park pier exactly on Paseo del Estanque, inside the Park.

Once you get to the Pond you will easily identify the pier right in front of the iconic Casa de Vacas.

How to purchase the El Retiro boat rental tickets?

You can buy your tickets at the pier itself.

But to avoid waiting times, it is advisable to book the tickets in advance through the official App “Madrid Movil”. You can either follow the steps outlined below or check out the infographic provided in the next section of the post:

  • Once in the App, if you are a one-time user, you can skip the registration on the lower part of the screen. You will probably be requested some location permits as well.

Update: Although the application allows skipping registration, the boat rental activity in El Retiro Park is limited to registered users.

It’s very simple, just go to “Sign In” – “Register”, enter your email, and click on “Start Registration”. You will receive a validation link in your email to create a password and complete the registration in the application.

  • You will easily identify a section on the main screen called “Madrid es deporte”. Click on “Ver más” and click again on “Entradas de Uso libre”.
  • You are interested in “Barcas de recreo”, so click on the picture and choose “Estanque del Retiro”. Through this App, you can also rent a boat in Casa de Campo Lake if you want to.
  • A calendar will appear to check availability. The sooner you book the better, but the maximum anticipation allowed for booking a boat rental in El Retiro Park is 12 hours before the activity starts.
  • You will be requested for your name and the email where you will receive the confirmation after the payment with a credit card.

This is the easiest and fastest way to get El Retiro boat rental tickets. You will skip the lines and make the most of your day in El Retiro Park.


As of today, the App is just in Spanish so you can follow my step-by-step infographic below:

Keep in mind that boat rentals in El Retiro Park can be booked up to 12 hours before the activity begins.

How many boats are available to hire?

There are 100 boats available to rent, two of them accessible for people in wheelchairs.

Are the boats accessible?

Yes, there are 2 boats accessible for people in wheelchairs.

What is the “Sun Boat” in El Retiro?

Another great option is getting on the Solar Boat, which works entirely with solar panels and takes a 15-minute tour of the Pond.

The price of the tickets is € 2, it is wheelchair accessible, and it is free for children under 4 years old.

The opening hours are from Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 to 14:00 and from 15:15 until sunset.

Final Words

Fun facts about El Retiro Park in Madrid

El Retiro Park offers a captivating and serene escape for boat enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. The option to rent boats on the park’s tranquil lake adds an extra layer of charm to an already enchanting experience.

Whether you’re seeking a peaceful solo ride or a delightful outing with friends and family, the boat rentals at El Retiro Park provide a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of Madrid’s iconic green oasis.

I hope you found this post about boat rentals in El Retiro Park useful, don’t forget to leave your comments below!

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