Best guide to safely buying Real Madrid tickets

Do you want to know how to buy Real Madrid tickets? Congrats, you are in the right place. In this post, you will find a step-by-step guide to safely buying Real Madrid tickets through the official sale points, avoiding possible scams.

Visiting Santiago Bernabéu stadium and enjoying a Real Madrid soccer match is one of the most popular tourist attractions.

In this post, you will find a detailed guide to purchasing official Real Madrid tickets at the best price and enjoying an exclusive football experience at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

Jude Bellingham

Why purchase Real Madrid tickets?

Best football club in the world

Real Madrid Club de Fútbol, commonly referred to as Real Madrid or simply Real, is one of the best football clubs in the world.

In fact, Real Madrid was recognized as the greatest soccer club of the 20th Century.

It has been a story of success since its foundation in 1902. Real Madrid holds the record for winning the UEFA Champions League fourteen times and for the most semi-final appearances.

With its popular white shirt, the club is famous for its winning and never surrender spirit.

The 90-minute match duration is a nightmare for its rivals and epic comebacks have become a tradition, especially in Champions League games. Until the end, come on Real!

If you finally decide to purchase some Real Madrid tickets you will discover the magic in the stadium.

You will hear the phrase “Hala Madrid”, meaning “Go Madrid”, which is also the title of the club’s official anthem.

Famous Real Madrid players

Most of the best players in the world have played, currently play, and will play for Real Madrid. Older soccer fans will remember legends like Di Stéfano, Puskas, and Paco Gento.

More recent football stars playing for Real were Zidane, Beckham, Ronaldo Nazario, Figo, Sergio Ramos, and Raúl, who holds the record for most Real Madrid appearances.

Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7) is Real Madrid’s all-time top goal scorer, with 450 goals, and holds the record for the most league goals scored in one season (48).

Currently, in case you acquire a Real Madrid ticket, you will enjoy the best football by players like Luka Modrić, Vinícius Jr, Jude Bellingham, and Courtois.

Which is the best Real Madrid game to purchase tickets for?

You will enjoy every Real Madrid match, as all games are a unique opportunity to see best-in-class football players.

It is true though, that there is a special magic in UEFA Champions League matches. If you have the chance to get Real Madrid tickets, go for it. Champions League games are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

In the Spanish League “La Liga”, there is a fierce rivalry with FC Barcelona. The games between these 2 clubs are usually known as “The Classic” (El Clásico). It is often quite difficult to purchase tickets for these games and prices could be higher.

There is also a special rivalry with its neighbor Atlético de Madrid. The games between these 2 clubs are usually known as “El Derbi”.

La Liga matches are usually on Saturdays and Sundays. Final dates and times are announced about ten days before the game.

What is the price of the Real Madrid tickets?

The prices of the Real Madrid game tickets vary depending on the game and the zone. As a rule, the higher the seat is placed the cheaper.

Prices for the general public (not club members) usually start at 40 € and can reach 140 €. As I said, some matches of special relevance will have higher prices.

In the section below where I explain in detail how to buy Real Madrid tickets, you will observe how prices are assigned to each area of the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

Where to buy official Real Madrid tickets?

Remember that the only official Real Madrid ticket sales website is and the only authorized ticket sales site is

It is possible that you find additional sales points, websites, and particulars offering tickets for Real Madrid soccer games. Be aware that the club will not hold any responsibility for incidents derived from tickets purchased on unofficial sites.

Unfortunately, forgeries are pretty common so be extremely cautious and be suspicious of possible bargains and tickets on sale.

Furthermore, although the tickets are valid they are usually offered at much higher prices.

In my case, every time I have bought Real Madrid tickets, I have done it through the official website and following the steps described below.

Imagine getting to the stadium with your family and not being able to enter as you have been cheated. You don´t want to experience that situation.

How to buy Real Madrid tickets (step-by-step)?

It is important that you follow the next steps to get your Real Madrid tickets, and always check the details before finalizing your purchase.

Be aware that no refunds or exchanges will be accepted once the payment is done.

Besides, consider that minors will not be permitted to access Santiago Bernabéu stadium without a ticket and without being accompanied by an adult.

Guide to purchasing Real Madrid tickets on the official website

1. If you want to know how to get Real Madrid tickets on the official website, the first step is to check out the schedule and find out which games are already available for sale. Tickets will be on sale until all seats are purchased.

Remember that club members and supporters with the “Madridista” premium card have priority.

In this case, club members could buy tickets since May 4th, “Madridista” Card holders since May 6th at 10:00, and finally the sale for the general public opened May 6th at 14:00.

2. Click the blue button to Buy tickets. You will have to pass a CAPTCHA or type of challenge–response test so the system determines you are a human.

If the service is busy, a screen like the one below will appear with information about the estimated time to your turn.

In this case, there was just one user and the estimated time to enter the site and purchase Real Madrid tickets was 10:59 a.m., less than a minute of waiting. I confirm that the actual time was just a few seconds.

3. The next screen will show at the top the sections for club members and Madridista card holders.

Scroll down and you will find a map where the general public can see the range of prices in each of the four main areas of the stadium. Click the one you prefer, remember you can always go back to the previous screen.

There is also a paragraph warning that only 4 tickets can be purchased in each transaction and that no changes or refunds will be accepted once the purchase of the Real Madrid tickets has been completed.

4. The system will zoom in on the selected area, and you will see the sectors available.

5. Click the one you like and you will see the available seats with the prices. The seats you select will highlight in red.

It is often difficult to find more than 2 seats together so anticipation is essential. Try to buy your Real Madrid tickets as soon as they are available.

6. The next step is to confirm your selection and the final price.

This step is critical and there is another reminder warning that exchanges or returns are not allowed after the payment.

7. Click the Continue button to input the personal information required. All this information is critical so make sure it is correct.

8. The next message confirms that the delivery method for the Real Madrid tickets purchased will be through a confirmation email.

You will receive step-by-step instructions on how to download your tickets in that email.

9. The only option for payment is by credit card. Click the “Pay” button to input the necessary information and that´s all.

You will be confirmed that the transaction has succeeded and you will receive the corresponding email.

Congrats! You have purchased your Real Madrid tickets and you will enjoy an incredible experience at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

Keep on reading to discover how to get to the Stadium on match day.

Guide to buying Real Madrid tickets on authorized website

If you want to know how to buy Real Madrid tickets on, follow this step-by-step guide:

1. Enter and search for “Real Madrid” in the box to find the available events. In this case, there were two matches available, I am interested in the first one and I click the Next button:

2. Input the number of tickets with a maximum of 4. In my case, I am looking for 2 Real Madrid tickets:

3. For the seat selection you will first see an overview of the 4 main areas of the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium with the lowest prices for each section.

4. Choose the one you prefer to zoom in on the sections available.

5. Click the area you like to select the seats in red and Continue to the next screen:

6.  The next step to purchasing the Real Madrid tickets is to enter the personal information required.

Attention to the alert warning that refunds and returns will not be allowed once the purchase is finalized.

7. Continue to enter the payment information and finish the purchase of the Real Madrid tickets.

You will be confirmed that the transaction has succeeded and you will receive the corresponding email.

Download the tickets to your smartphone to enter the Stadium on match day.

That´s it! Just remember that there are limited tickets on sale, so book them now for the best price!

How to get to Santiago Bernabéu stadium?

Santiago Bernabéu stadium is located downtown, next to Paseo de la Castellana and Avenida de Concha Espina.

The best way to get to the stadium is using the efficient Madrid public transport, especially Metro Madrid line 10 (at Santiago Bernabéu station) and line 9 (at Concha Espina station).

RENFE commuter lines stopping at Nuevos Ministerios station and EMT bus lines 14, 27, 40, 43, 120, 126, 147, and 150 are quite handy too.

On the day of the match, be sure you get to the stadium some time (90-60 minutes) before the kickoff to enjoy the pre-match. There are excellent hotels near Real Madrid Stadium which are very convenient for visitors.

You can have a beer or a soft drink and eat some tapas or a sandwich in the surrounding bars and restaurants. There are lots of stalls selling food and drink, as well as merchandise.

About 30 minutes before kickoff head to the gate number that appears on your ticket.

Moving around the stadium is easy, but the perimeter is long. And if you get to your seat a bit earlier you can see the players warm up. You will find staff who will help you easily identify your seats.

Enjoy the game!

What are hospitality tickets for a Real Madrid match?

If budget is not an issue, Real Madrid hospitality tickets will allow you to see some of the world’s most celebrated stars from the most exclusive seats in the stadium.

They also include gourmet catering and drinks, personalized VIP attention, and access to a cloakroom.

Depending on the ticket purchased, hospitality service begins between 90 and 120 minutes before kick-off and lasts throughout the match, ending between 60 and 90 minutes after full-time.

The club recommends clients not to wear short trousers, sleeveless T-shirts and open shoes.

What is the Madridista Card?

In case you are a Real Madrid supporter and want to be part of the club, this card identifies you as a Madridista wherever you are and go.

The Madridista Premium card has a price of 35 €/year, and for junior members up to 13 years old inclusive) the cost is 20 €/year. Sometimes, the club offers discounts for the first year’s fee.

With the Madridista Premium Card you will get access to purchase Real Madrid tickets before the general public, 15% off in the Real Madrid official online store, 20% off on the Santiago Bernabéu stadium tour, the official newsletter of the club with exclusive content, gifts, experiences, and many other benefits.

That´s all! You already know how to buy Real Madrid tickets. Leave your comments below!

Real Madrid tickets

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89 thoughts on “Best guide to safely buying Real Madrid tickets”

  1. Seems as the only tickets to buy on these sites are hospitality tickets.

    • Hi! thanks for your comment, standard tickets only are available about 9-10 days before the game.

  2. What do they mean by ID Card in step 6 image of purchasing steps..? is it my passport ID or my National ID? (I’m outside of Spain)

    • Hi! include your passport ID and take this document with you to the stadium in case you are required to prove your identity, it is not common but just in case

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for your article and suggestions on purchasing tickets for Real Madrid. I’m in the USA and keep getting the following error message:
    “The Amazon CloudFront distribution is configured to block access from your country. We can’t connect to the server for this app or website at this time. There might be too much traffic or a configuration error. Try again later, or contact the app or website owner.
    If you provide content to customers through CloudFront, you can find steps to troubleshoot and help prevent this error by reviewing the CloudFront documentation.”

    Do you know what this means? Is there anyway to bypass this error message?

    • Hi, unfortunately I cannot give you an accurate answer but you can google it, it looks like you can edit the Geographic Restrictions on the CloudFront console, good luck

  4. Hi I had a question, there’s games where it says buy tickets and when you click on it, it shows the map but it doesn’t give the option to buy any thing. Does that mean it sold out? If so is it possible to go in person and wait in line to buy the tickets?

    • Hi Edgar, if tickets are sold out a message would appear indicating “no availability” when hovering your mouse over the 4 different sections of the stadium. Let me know what game are you searching for and I will be happy to double check if there are tickets available

  5. Is it true that americans cannot buy tickets with an american card? If so, what options would I have?

    • Hi Nelson, I guess your comment refers to the PSD2 European regulation for more secure payments and better consumer protection, which requires an authentication process (3D Secure) to validate your identity. Although not mandatory in the US, as far as I know, 3D Secure protocol is used widely in the USA, but in case your card is not valid I would suggest you check out the authorized ticket sales site which allows alternative payment methods such as Paypal. I hope this helps.

  6. I’m a bit baffled by the site. I bought a Madrista card for 35 euros as I’m hoping to see the Getafe game in May, but whenever I click on the site and see the next upcoming game, (e.g. Vallodid game in 14 days)I click on “Ticket release dates and prices” and it simply offers me VIP tickets – it gives no information about ticket release dates. Am I making an error?
    Thanks very much for any help you can give me

    • Hi Andy! no error at all. It is just that standard tickets are only available about 9-10 days before the game. Just wait for a few days and try again.

  7. Do you find it difficult to secure seats even as a madridista? We are going to be there and have been trying since 2am today to get tickets for the match on April 2 with no luck for 3 tickets. Called the madridista help line and their suggestion was to purchase the more expensive VIP tickets. We are also trying to see the game on April 8 and would like to avoid this issue. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

    • Hi Jorge! It obviously depends on the match, but you should have no problem buying general public tickets for that match against Villarreal. Especially if you do it as soon as the tickets go on sale, and if you have the Madridista Premium card which gives you priority in purchasing tickets and access to presales. Good luck, and let me know if you finally managed to buy the tickets

      • Thanks for the info. We have been trying to get tickets for the Valladolid match since the window opened today and I cannot locate more than one seat at a time. Seems like this game must be more popular.

        • Jorge, how soon after purchasing the Madrilista Premium vard were you able to have the ID and Pin to have early options? did you have to wait for the physical card?

  8. Hi Oswaldo
    My card took 24 days to arrive in the UK, and on receiving it, I noticed that you can download your id into a wallet – I imagine you can do that immediately.
    However I tried the Vallodid match and like Jorge could only access very isolated tickets – and most of the time there weren’t any in blocks which indicated availability. Tickets were only available in the sides I also tried the public sale dates in case more tickets were released, but same result – an indication of individual tickets, which disappeared when I clicked on the session.
    I am only really planning on going to the game at Getafe and now feel my 35 Euros would have been better invested in paying for two seats together from
    a ticket site.
    Thanks you Calimabbb for providing this forum for discussion – much appreciated!

  9. I tried my best to buy tickets on the site but just couldn’t find anything so had to buy at at a resller. Question, does the stadium check the name on the ticket vs the individual trying to use the ticket

    • Hi Tim! I have never been asked for my ID to access the stadium. However, you should know that in theory all tickets must be nominative and non-transferable and you might be required to show your ID to access the stadium. Regarding season tickets, the club admits the loan, but not their sale.

  10. Hi!
    What is the best way to leave Bernabeu after the game around 11pm? If my hotel is located around plaza de Espana, Could a family of 4 easily catch a bus, subway, or taxi near the stadium to get back to the hotel? Is it safe to walk back? Thanks in advance for your advice.

    • Hi Kozo! In terms of safety, there is no problem walking from the stadium to Plaza de España at midnight, however, although it is a pleasant walk it will take you more than an hour. Finding a taxi can be complicated after the game so my recommendation is to use the subway, Line 10 (blue) will take you and your family from Santiago Bernabeu to Plaza España in 15 minutes.

  11. I AM A MADRIDIDZTA PREMIUME HOLDER. WHAT DOES IT MEAN IF AFTER I CLICK BUY TICKET, IT SHOWS “THE PARTY RESTRICTED SALE”. DOes that mean the tickets are sold out? ( i wanna go to the RM vs Man City Game

    • Hi! The sale of tickets for the game against Manchester City for holders of the Madridista premium card starts today at 12:00, try again in 45 minutes, good luck!

  12. was all sold out 🙁 i think club members and socios bought all the tickets before madrdista premium could get a change

    • Sorry to hear that, it’s pretty difficult to get tickets for Champions League semifinals

  13. Hi! Whenever I go onto the Real Madrid site it says that I can buy hospitality tickets but whenever I click on the button I can’t click on any sections? Does this mean that they are sold out? If so do you know if you can buy hospitality tickets on a different website?

    • Hi! Tickets are only available about 9-10 days before the game, just wait for a few days and try again. Apart from the official website, the only authorized ticket sales site is, beware of possible fakes

  14. Would you say that Stubhub is a reputable site for buying tickets? If not how fast do you think tickets would sell out for a game once they go on sale? We would be going for the game against Bilbao and I want to make sure we can get them!

    • Hi again! Unfortunately, I can only recommend the official and authorized websites, as the club will not hold any responsibility for incidents derived from tickets purchased on unofficial sites. Having said that, it is true that some sites are more reliable than others, but it’s only up to you if you decide to buy tickets on unauthorized platforms as it is you taking the risk. On the official website, it is advisable to buy tickets as soon as they go on sale as there is not much availability, especially if you need several seats together

  15. With the Madridista Card does it only allow one ticket per member? I am coming with my son from the UK in early 2024 so wanted to know if we both need to be members to obtain a ticket. Thanks

    • Hi Jason, if I am not wrong, you are allowed to purchase up to 4 tickets with your card

  16. Hi,

    How likely is is that I will be able to get 8 x tickets for the Madrid derby in February if I have the Madridista Premium card?

    • Hi! As you know, with the premium card you have early access to the tickets, however there is a limit of 4 tickets. In addition, it is a game with a lot of demand so I think it will be pretty difficult to get so many seats together. Once inside the stadium you can talk to the people next to you in case they don’t mind swapping seats. Good luck!

  17. hi There, My fiancé and I are traveling to Madrid 1/2/24-1/4/24 and saw there is a game for 1/3/24, it is a Wednesday not a Saturday why is this? Is there a high chance this game will get moved, if it did what days could it get moved to? When will I be able to purchase tickets to this game?

    Thank You!

    • Hi! Due to the tight schedule some games are played in the middle of the week. In addition, this game is played in the middle of the Christmas period in Spain, and Saturday (January 6th) is bank holiday in the country. I think there is very little chance that the date of the game will move, and if it does it would most likely be to Tuesday 2 or Thursday 4. Anyway, tickets are only available about 9-10 days before the game once the date and time of the game are fully confirmed. So by the time you buy your tickets you will already know the final date and time.

      • This is very helpful info as my finance and I are from amErica and are country hoping for two weeks but will be in Madrid the 2nd-5th so have plenty of time if the game does get moved.

        Is the game on the 1/3 a game I’d have a hard time getting general sale tickets for? We aren’t looking for anything crazy just the experience of the game and RM.

        Wondering if I should become a member to have better access to this game if not.

        How much do tickets for a game like this go for?

        • Hi again, the game against Mallorca is not considered a high-profile game, so if we look at the opponent, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting 2 tickets. However, we must consider the dates, as during the Christmas season, all the kids are on vacation, which will undoubtedly increase the demand for tickets. That’s why you could consider becoming a member for priority access. Although the ticket prices for the next season are not known yet, you might be able to get tickets for the game starting from 60 euros.

          • Awesome thank you so much.

            How does the process work buying a ticket as a member? How and when will I know when it opens for purchase? Also am I able to use my credit card from amErica to purchase.

          • Hi! At the beginning of December don’t forget to check check out the schedule ( If the match already appears, you will be able to see which are the dates and times set for the purchase of tickets for members, Madridista cardholders and general public. As far as I know, the security protocol required for payments in Europe is widely used in the USA so you should be able to use your american card. In case your card is not valid you could check out the authorized ticket sales site which allows alternative payment methods such as Paypal.

  18. Thank you!
    I was looking at that ticket site and noticed there are no tickets in sale for any games currently?

    All the august games have nothing shown to click and the September ones say sale coming soon. Does this mean all the ones in Aug are sold out?

    Sorry for so many questions just trying to make sure I understand everything!

    • The Spanish league (La Liga) starts on August 12, they are still playing pre-season games in the US. In addition, Real Madrid will not play at the Santiago Bernabeu until the fourth game of the season, September 3 against Getafe, so it is normal that these games will not appear for the moment. Moreover, consider that tickets do not go on sale until approximately 9-12 days before each game

      • Hi there!
        I was looking at buying a ticket for the game this Saturday and I get an error code saying that the website is blocked from my country. Any help?

        • Hi Isabella, that’s weird, from which country are you trying to buy the tickets? I guess you could use a vpn or try with the other official website

          • I am in the Us I have tried both websites and neither will work. But says our country is prohibited

          • I guess this could be due to your security settings or your internet provider. I understand that in this case using another browser is not going to work either. Perhaps the easiest way is to connect through a VPN…

  19. How are you supposed to book a trip to watch a game in advance if you dont know if you can get a ticket for the match, as they are on sale only 10 days beforehand, It’s crazy. Barcelona you can book 2/3 months in advance.

    • Hi Gareth! I can only agree with you. Thanks for your comment!

  20. So glad I found this website, super helpful info. There’s an upcoming match between Real Madrid and Real Sociedad mid-Sept 2023, do you anticipate challenge with getting tickets? I want to see if it’s worth getting the Premium card. Also, I’m seeing sept 6 and sept 7 for the match on different websites, I wonder if it has to do with the fact I’m checking the websites from Asia, in different time zones? Can you pls help confirm if it’s the Saturday/ Sunday? First time in Madrid, not a football fan but really want to get the experience, which zone would you recommend – want to be able to see what’s going on to enjoy the match, budget maybe around or less than Euro100….

    • Hi! thanks for your comment. For the match against Real Sociedad I could expect some demand for tickets, there is some historical rivalry and everyone will be back in Madrid after the summer vacations. The match is scheduled for Saturday (September 16). I would choose any of the sides (east or west) and as close to the pith as your budget allows. In my opinion, this can be a fun match, I hope you enjoy it.

      • Thanks. One more thing, I checked (many times) and the Real Madrid website is still showing sept 17 at 21:00 on my phone – will there be an issue if the ticket time and date not matching the local time/date?

        • That´s right, the final schedule is now confirmed and tickets will go on sale this Sunday for Madridista Cardholders. As you say, the match is finally on September 17 at 21.00.

          • Thanks soooooo much for confirming … It’s been kind of confusing and worrying

          • No problem, thanks for your comment!

  21. Hi there!
    I was able to use a vpn to get to the tickets but have now been informed that due to the 3d secure system they don’t accept American cards! I have no idea what to do!

    • Hi Isabella! As far as I know, 3D Secure protocol is also included in some US cards, but in case your card is not valid I would suggest you check out the authorized ticket sales site which allows alternative payment methods such as Paypal, I hope this helps

      • Oh awesome did not realize this site allowed paypal payments! This is helpful! I emailed the Real Madrid customer service and they are the ones who told me about the 3d secure not accepting American, Canadian or us cards

        • It’s jsut so odd I was able to order and Jersey and pay to be a member with my American card but the website won’t accept American cards for tickets

          • Absolutely, it does not make any sense

  22. Hello,

    I have a question. As a Madridista premium, how many tickets can you buy for one match?

    • Hi! The limit is 4 tickets

  23. Hallo,
    After purchasing membership premium card, I should wait for the physical card to arrive? Or I will get member number and pin electronically?


    • Hi! the physical card and welcome pack may take several weeks to arrive at your address. In your personal area of you can access the digital card and download it to your wallet if you need it

      • And with one membership premium card I can buy 4 tickets, right?

          • Thank you for the full information!

  24. Hi,

    I would like to buy 3 tickets to El Clasico this season.
    What is the best way to reach the tickets? With opening a club membership and get a priority or “Madridista” Card can work as well?

    • Hi Oleg! With both options you will have access to the tickets in advance of the general public. Becoming a member (socio no aboonado) is a more complex and also more expensive process than getting the Madridista Premium card. In my opinion, if you do not live in Spain, probably the best option is to go for the Madridista card and cross your fingers, you know that El Clásico is one of the most anticipated matches of the season.

  25. Hello,

    I need to buy six tickets for the upcoming game against UD Las Palmas as I have some family visiting. I have Madrista premium and my question is, is the 4 ticket limit per game or per transaction? Say I buy 4 tickets, could I just go back to the site and buy the other 2 tickets?

    Also, do you think it will be a very indemand came? Would be great if the seats could be relatively close to eachother at least

    • Hi! With the Madridista Premium card, you have early access to purchase 4 tickets. In the next phase of purchase for the general public, you can buy additional tickets with a maximum of 4 per transaction. The match against Las Palmas is not expected to have high demand due to the opponent, day, and time, but it’s always challenging to get so many tickets together at the Bernabeu. Remember that the sale of tickets for those with the Madridista card starts tomorrow at 10 a.m. Good luck!

  26. Good read. Do we have to print out the electronic ticket and present it before getting in? Or will a screenshot of the eticket showing the QR be sufficient?

    • Hi! there is no need to print the tickets. In the purchase confirmation email you will find information on how to download them to your cell phone to access the stadium.

  27. Hi there!

    What does it mean if the official website shows that there are tickets available but once you try buying a seat, it won’t let you – there are no green (available seats).

    I’ve been trying to buy a ticket to game vs. Osasuna all day but no luck.

    • Hi Ana! I checked from my computer and it looks like there are no general tickets available. Maybe it’s because there are some VIP tickets still on sale.

  28. Hi. I am trying to buy tickets for the match with Villareal on 17/12 but still no tickets available. I am thinking of buying the Madridista Premium Card. Is it worth it? The thing is that I want to buy 2 seats together and as i can see, one week before any match there are no seats “together”. What do you suggest? Is it a popular match?

    • Hi Maria! The Madridista Premium Card is worth it if you want to increase your chances of getting two seats together. The match against Villarreal is not the most popular, but due to the upcoming Christmas dates it’s very likely that the stadium will be full. Good luck with the tickets, matches against Villarreal are usually pretty fun!

  29. Hi,
    Thanks for the excellent article and all your responses! I’ve been reading through the comments but still have some questions of my own…

    I’m hoping to take my 13-year-old daughter into the Matchday 21 game against Almeria, preliminarily set for Sunday, Jan 21st in 2024. Coming from Finland, we’re going to have to book the flights way before the tickets come on sale (maybe even today), so I’m trying to figure out, how good our chances are to get the tickets.

    I used tomorrow’s Villareal game as a “test” and went onto the RM website this Monday, when ticket sales was opened to general public. However, it showed only very few single seats here and there, often even disappearing before I managed to add them to my shopping basket. So it seemed that I might have been able to eventually secure 1-2 tickets, but from completely different sides of the stadium. Checked again today (Sat), one day before the game, and now there seems to be plenty spots with 2-3 adjacent seats available. Any idea, why that wasn’t the case on the 1st day of public sale?

    I think getting the Madridista card will anyway make sense, but since it’s actually my daughter who is the “real fan” (no pun intended), I would rather get her the Madridista Junior (with her name on it etc.) than buy the Premium for myself. Do you know, if there’s any difference, especially from ticket purchase point of view? At least the RM website says “Early access to football and basketball tickets.” also under Junior membership. Could I just as well use her Junior membership ID to log on and still be able to buy the tickets for the both of us? No need for me to get a Madridista card myself?

    We’re thinking of booking the incoming flight for Friday evening and return for Monday morning, so that we’d be flexible with the possible date changes between Saturday and Sunday. Or should we extend our stay even more? Which weekday would you consider the more likely matchday in this case, Friday or Monday (or another one mid-week)?

    Finally, how would you evaluate the Almeria game in January in terms of likely demand for tickets? Seems that they are at the bottom of the standings right now, so maybe not the most sought after game?

    • Hi! Well, it is pretty extrange to find more available tickets a day before the match than at the time of release. The only explanation I can think of is that season ticket holders might not attend and have surrendered their tickets back to the club for resale.

      My belief was that early access to tickets was limited to Madridista Premium cardholders, but I don’t have the Junior card. I suggest reaching out to the club’s customer service to avoid any misunderstandings on this point and waste money.

      I’m not confident about guessing the exact match day. Typically, it’s unlikely for Real Madrid to play on Fridays or Mondays, but considering the opponent isn’t one of the top-ranked teams, it is true it could happen. Lastly, as you mentioned, you shouldn’t have trouble getting tickets for that match.

      I’m sorry I can’t assist further. I wish you best of luck with the tickets, and I hope you enjoy the game!

  30. Hi,

    Iam looking to book tickets for the Girona match on/around 11/2/24. I have a Madrista card and tried to trial run the Mallorca game but was unable to secure tickets. Is it likely this game is more popular than the Girona game due to been just after Xmas? I need 3 tickets but happy for these to be seperate if it comes to that. I’d rather 3 individual seats in seperate sections from the official site than try resellers.

    To be fair, i did only try once went on general sale and didnt take advantage of the Madrista early bird sale option.

    I booked flights and a hotel withour realising Girona was 2nd in the league but hoping as it’s surrounded by the Athletico Madrid and Sevilla games, these will be more popular? What’s your thoughts?

    • Hi Andy! Christmas in Spain actually lasts until January 6th with the arrival of the 3 Wise Men. All kids are still on vacation, and after 2 weeks without matches, it’s normal for the stadium to fill up for the game against Mallorca. Indeed, Girona is the surprise of the league, so it could be a highly anticipated match, just like the one against Atlético Madrid. However, I believe you shouldn’t have trouble getting 3 tickets using the Madridista Premium card if you access as soon as the tickets become available, especially if it’s not essential for all three seats to be together. Good luck and enjoy the match!

  31. Hello,

    My son is a madridista junior, is the start of the sale the same time as the madridistas???

    • Hi! yes, Madridista Junior cardholders have early access to tickets.

  32. Hi, we’re long-time fans from Australia and we’re planning a trip to Spain in May, really hoping to attend the Real Madrid vs Deportivo Alavés on Wed 15 May 2024. We understand that tickets will be on sale via the official website 9-12 days prior to the game. Is there a way of being notified as soon as tickets are released? Will this be a popular game? Should we get the Madridista Premium card now to increase our chances for when tickets go on sale (although I read in above comments that we need to wait for the physical card, assuming it can be shipped to Australia)? Any other tips or comments on this match and our chances of getting tickets, as this is one of the main reasons for travelling so far!

    • Hi Jules! Keep an eye on the official Real Madrid website at the end of April to check the final dates and times to access tickets for members, Madridista Premium cardholders, and the general public. Also, consider in your travel planning that although the game is expected to be on the 15th, the date is not yet final, and the game could be moved to the 14th or 16th. It’s not a highly anticipated game both due to the opponent and being midweek. However, if one of the main reasons for your trip is to see the Real Madrid game and you don’t want to take any risks, it might be advisable to get the Madridista Premium card. The cost isn’t excessive, and it increases your chances of securing tickets. Additionally, you can confirm this with the club’s customer service, but unless the usage has changed, you can use the card as soon as you acquire it. You’ll receive the necessary information by email, without having to wait for the physical card to arrive by postal mail. I hope this helps!

  33. How old is this information ? The website looks slightly different.
    So far being a Madridsta seems to be a waste of time. Im only interested in 1 match in Feb vs Sevilla. But Since become a madridsta I’ve being monitoring the ticket site and logging on to see the process in buying tickets for random matches and they are ALL either Sold out or only a few dozen individual seats left 1-2 weeks before the match. Even the Almeria match in Jan was sold out 12 days in advance. Of course I could pay 550 euros for VIP but what is the extra worth to a 15 year old kid that just wants to see a football match ? Im very disappointed spending hundreds on flights accommodation and membership and it looks like the only way in is either wasted VIP or some dodgy reseller .

    • Hi George, the images are from last year, but I’ll check if it’s worth changing some to reflect the new format of the official website. It’s true that getting tickets can be complicated and frustrating. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • Same problem here, please let me know if you find any solution on how to acquire a ticket for the match vs Sevilla.

  34. I’m also planning to visit the game against Sevilla on my birthday Feb 25th and I’m struggling with the same problem. Got myself a Madridista Premium card, prepared all the bookings and flights, finally received my VISA, and now I’m not sure if I will be able to buy a ticket from the website. I tried to see how it works trying to buy tickets vs Almeria and vs Atletico Madrid, but no ticket was available everytime I entered the website. Please help me with this problem, as I wouldn’t like to get to Madrid for a dream and fail to find a ticket at a reasonable price…

    • Hi Armen, I never recommend using resellers like Viagogo since the club doesn’t take responsibility for any issues you may have with tickets bought through unofficial channels. However, if it’s your dream and you’re only coming to Madrid for the game, at least you should be aware that this option exists. Good luck!


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