Madrid Street Art: Discovering the 25 Best Graffiti and Murals

Madrid is a city of art, culture, and history, but not many locals and visitors know that it is also a hub of street art. From colorful murals to intricate graffiti, Madrid street art is very present in the capital and has gained a renowned reputation in Europe.

These works of art, sometimes ephemeral, have become an important part of urban culture and many of them could very well be exhibited in a museum. In this article, I have put together my 25 favorite Madrid street art pieces in Madrid and how to find them easily.

Tick off these 25 incredible murals in Madrid! All of them are easily accessible by subway.

Madrid Street Art: My 25 favorite pieces

Please note that while the list of my 25 favorite street art pieces in Madrid showcases some amazing works of art, some of them are located in areas that may not be the safest in the city, particularly at night. Visitors should exercise caution and remain alert at all times, especially in unfamiliar neighborhoods.

1. La Tabacalera Walls

Address: C/ Miguel Servet 25, 28012, Madrid
Metro Station: Embajadores (Line 3)
Coordinates: 40.405966, -3.701864

La Tabacalera is a cultural center located in the Lavapiés neighborhood of Madrid. Once a tobacco factory, the building now serves as a hub for artistic expression, hosting exhibitions, workshops, and cultural events. When searching for the best Madrid Street Art, this spot is a must on your list.

The walls of La Tabacalera are adorned with some of the most impressive and well-known mural paintings in the city making it an epicenter of Madrid street art, so it is a must-visit spot for street art lovers. Many renowned artists have left their mark on this wall, including Okuda, one of Spain’s best-known urban artists.

Overall, the murals at La Tabacalera are a testament to the power of art to transform and enrich public spaces. They serve as a reminder of the importance of creative expression and the value of preserving and promoting urban art in Madrid.

2. Chimpancé (chimpanzee)

Address: C/ Embajadores 33, 28012, Madrid
Metro Station: Lavapiés (Line 3)
Coordinates: 40.408355, -3.704700

The “Chimpancé” mural by Okuda San Miguel and Bordalo II is a stunning collaboration that features a bright and colorful geometrically patterned chimpanzee that appears to be jumping out of the wall.

The use of bold colors and intricate geometric shapes is characteristic of Okuda’s style, while Bordalo’s signature use of recycled materials can be seen in the sculpture-like elements of the mural. The chimpanzee is made up of various pieces of scrap metal and other recycled materials, including old car parts and discarded plastic.

The mural not only adds to the vibrant Madrid street art scene, but also carries a powerful environmental message about the importance of recycling and reducing waste. The chimpanzee, which is an endangered species, serves as a reminder of the need to protect our planet and its inhabitants.

It has become one of the most popular Instagram spots in Madrid. Its eye-catching design and vibrant colors make it a popular backdrop for photos. The mural’s popularity on social media has helped to spread awareness of street art in Madrid and has made it a must-see landmark for visitors to the city.

3. El fabuloso cuento de ser diferente (The fabulous tale of being different)

Address: Pasaje de la Caja de Ahorros, 28013, Madrid
Metro Station: Sol (Lines 1, 2, 3)
Coordinates: 40.417683, -3.702142

One of the most recent and exciting additions to the Madrid street art scene is the mural by Case Maclaim in the Pasaje de la Caja de Ahorros, created for the Urvanity Walls 2021 event. This mural painting is a prime example of the incredible talent and creativity that can be found in the city’s vibrant street art community.

The mural is a stunning example of the artist’s incredible skill and attention to detail. The graffiti adds a touch of color and vibrancy to an otherwise dull and unremarkable area, transforming it into a true work of art that captures the essence of Madrid street art culture.

This work is a must-see for anyone interested in Madrid street art. It serves as a powerful example of the incredible talent and creativity that can be found in the city.

4. Una mirada a otro futuro (a look into another future)

Address: C/ San Dalmacio 29, 28021 Madrid
Metro Station: San Cristobal (Line 3)
Coordinates: 40.343073, -3.697710

One of the most stunning examples of Madrid street art is the mural “Una Mirada a otro Futuro” by Taquen.

What truly sets this mural apart is the powerful message it conveys. To talk about the future, equality, and respect is to talk about women and their role in society.

The portrait of a young woman is accompanied by a flock of swallows flying in the same direction. These migratory birds represent freedom and a new beginning.

5. Entre dos universos (Between two universes)

Address: C. del Monasterio de Las Huelgas, 28034 Madrid
Metro Station: Paco de Lucía (Line 9)
Coordinates: 40.499686, -3.708817

This masterpiece was created by Okuda and Rosh333 inside the Paco de Lucia metro station. This impressive mural is a tribute to the great Spanish artist Paco de Lucia.

The mural depicts a colorful, psychedelic landscape with surreal elements and cosmic shapes. The artwork is an explosion of color and one of my favorite pieces in the Madrid street art scene.

Located in the metro station, the painting is accessible to all, adding a touch of beauty and wonder to the everyday commute of those traveling through. It has become an incredibly popular spot for both locals and tourists to take photos and admire the artwork.

6. Mo Evolution

Address: C. Cdad. de Frías 10, 28021, Madrid
Metro Station: Villaverde Alto (Line 3)
Coordinates: 40.336272, -3.713952

The “Mo Evolution” mural by Okuda is an impressive work of Madrid street art in support of the Movember Foundation project to raise awareness about the importance of men’s health.

7. Athena & Minerva

Address: Av. del Monte Valdelatas 40, 28108, Alcobendas, Madrid
Metro Station: La Granja (Line 10)
Coordinates: 40.526678, -3.661393

Street Art Cities, one of the most important digital references in terms of urban art, has included this mural on its list of the top 100 murals of 2022. Covering over 130 square meters this is one of the largest pieces in Madrid street art.

With his particular colorful style, Uriginal opted for a contemporary fusion of Athena, goddess of war and civilization, with Minerva, goddess of wisdom and the arts.

8. Byte the candy

Address: C/ de la Magdalena 21, 28012, Madrid
Metro Station: Anton Martín (Line 1)
Coordinates: 40.412371, -3.700932

“Byte the Candy” is a large-scale mural by the street artist Gerada. It is located on the façade of a building, making it one of the largest murals in Madrid.

You will find a portrait of a woman in the form of a computer chip with circuitry. The artist drew inspiration from a 1984 talk by Niel Postman, criticizing how news on television is entertainment, rather than thought-provoking, and the manipulation of the subconscious.

9. Selfie Wall Fiction

Address: C/ Escosura 22, 28015, Madrid
Metro Station: Canal (Lines 2, 7)
Coordinates: 40.436516, -3.706739

If you are a fan of Questin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, be sure to check out this mural. This image was also made popular by a Banksy artwork in which Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta were holding a banana instead of a gun. In this case, the protagonists are holding a selfie stick.

10. Smoking Graciela

Address: C/ González Soto 26, 28038, Madrid
Metro Station: Nueva Numancia (Line 1)
Coordinates: 40.400396, -3.663107

The Smoking Graciela mural by Lian is a powerful example of Madrid street art located in the PVA Sputnik Vallecas. This work is a protest against gentrification and the displacement of working-class residents in the Vallecas neighborhood.

The mural occupies an entire wall of a building and features an elderly lady sitting while smoking a cigar next to the slogan “Vallekas no se vende” (Vallekas is not for sale). The use of bold colors and the strong message make this mural a must-see for anyone interested in the intersection of public art and social justice.

11. Offset

Address: C/ Augusto Figueroa 16, 28004, Madrid
Metro Station: Chueca (Line 5)
Coordinates: 40.422612, -3.699013

The Swiss urban art duo Nevercrew created a mural in Madrid’s Chueca neighborhood featuring a pyramid of brown bears with a strawberry tree leaf on the nose of the smallest one.

The artwork was inspired by the city’s emblem, “El oso y el madroño,” and aims to call attention to the relationship between humans and nature and how it is being diminished by human progress.

12. Libres (Free)

Address: C/ Embajadores 16, 28012, Madrid
Metro Station: Tirso de Molina (Line 1) and Lavapiés (Line 3)
Coordinates: 40.409783, -3.706127

“El Rey de la Ruina” is a street artist known for his unique style and powerful imagery. This mural features an empowered woman, who is guarded by a heart and a broken sword, surrounded by messages of freedom and equality. The contrast between the elements creates a powerful image that speaks to the human experience.

13. Transformation in Motion

Address: C/ Castilla 16, 28039, Madrid
Metro Station: Estrecho (Line 1)
Coordinates: 40.453444, -3.704322

Transformation in Motion is a striking mural located in the Poeta Leopoldo de Luis Square in Madrid. It was created by Suso33, a prominent street artist in the city. The mural features a series of dynamic and fluid figures that appear to be in motion.

The artist has used his signature style of black and white lines to create a sense of movement and energy that captures the attention of anyone passing by. This mural is a great example of the talent and creativity that can be found in the vibrant Madrid street art scene.

14. La Chulapa

Address: C/ Amalarico 8, 28019, Madrid
Metro Station: Urgel (Line 5)
Coordinates: 40.394283, -3.728198

The mural “La Chulapa” is a beautiful and colorful piece of Madrid street art created by the artist Gerada on the tower of an old water tank in Carabanchel. The mural depicts a “chulapa”, a typical female character from Madrid’s folklore, wearing a traditional dress and a red carnation in her hair.

La Chulapa has become a symbol of the city which vindicates the traditional and imposes itself against any attempt of gentrification, like a protective guardian, who watches over it day and night, in silence, but always very present.

15. Tokyo Loves Nairobi

Address: C/ Gravina 3, 28004, Madrid
Metro Station: Chueca (Line 5)
Coordinates: 40.423284, -3.698346

The mural “Tokyo Loves Nairobi” by TvBoy is a Madrid street art piece that features the characters from the popular Netflix series “Money Heist”, Tokyo and Nairobi, embracing each other in a romantic pose.

The mural is a tribute to the characters’ relationship and a message in favor of free love without gender barriers. It has become a popular spot for fans of the series to take photos.

16. Boa Mistura

Address: C/ Valencia 1, 28012, Madrid
Metro Station: Lavapiés (Line 3)
Coordinates: 40.408153, -3.700580

The collaborative mural by the SEGIB and Boa Mistura is a vibrant and colorful piece located in the district of Lavapiés, in Madrid. The mural features the inspiring message “We are what we do to change who we are.” The phrase is written in bold letters against a background of brightly colored geometric shapes and lines that create a sense of movement and energy.

The mural aims to inspire viewers to take action and make positive changes in their lives, as well as in their communities and the world around them. This piece is a great example of how Madrid street art can convey powerful messages through visually striking and engaging artwork.

17. Paisaje Urbano (Cityscape)

Address: C/ Marqués de Viana, 52, 28039, Madrid
Metro Station: Tetuán (Line 1)
Coordinates: 40.463018, -3.702512

The mural depicts two figures, a man and a woman, standing back to back with their heads turned in opposite directions and their hands crossed behind their backs.

The figures are in a sketch-like style with only the heads and hands fully painted. The mural is a commentary on the abuse of power by authorities.

18. Run Away

Address: C/ Embajadores 21, 28012, Madrid
Metro Station: Lavapiés (Line 3) and La Latina (Line 5)
Coordinates: 40.409141, -3.705540

“Run Away” is a mural created by British street artist D*Face in Madrid’s Lavapiés neighborhood. D*Face is known for creating powerful and thought-provoking murals that often address social and political issues.

This mural is an excellent example of D*Face’s signature style, which combines elements of pop art and public art in Madrid. It is located on the side of a building and has become a popular attraction for locals and visitors alike.

19. Still Life

Address: C/ Embajadores 19, 28012, Madrid
Metro Station: Lavapiés (Line 3) and La Latina (Line 5)
Coordinates: 40.409211, -3.705597

This mural by Ever is located in front of D*Face’s. The cats in the mural were a coincidence and Ever didn’t know that people from Madrid were called “gatos” (cats). The mural represents a link between old classical elements and new paradigms of contemporary society.

20. Moratalaz market

Address: C/ la Cañada 17, 28030, Madrid
Metro Station: Artilleros (Line 9)
Coordinates: 40.405172, -3.645620

The Moratalaz market is home to some of the most impressive examples of Madrid street art. Located in the eponymous district of the city, this market has been transformed into a canvas for local artists, who have adorned its walls with a variety of colorful and dynamic murals.

Each mural is unique in its style and message, but all contribute to the vibrant and diverse outdoor art scene in Madrid.

The murals at the Moratalaz market serve as a reminder of the importance of creative expression and the role that street art can play in shaping the identity of a city. Visitors to Madrid who are interested in street art should not miss the opportunity to visit this colorful spot.

21. Dr. Fourquet Street

Address: C/ Dr. Fourquet, 28012, Madrid
Metro Station: Lavapiés (Line 3) and Estación del Arte (Line 1)
Coordinates: 40.407252, -3.698490

Dr. Fourquet Street, located in the neighborhood of Lavapiés, is known for its vibrant street art scene, with many murals adorning its walls. Next to the community space “Esto es una Plaza”, you can find a series of murals that have been painted by various artists.

22. El beso multicolor (the multicolored kiss)

Address: Av del Manzanares 204, 28026, Madrid
Metro Station: Legazpi (Lines 3, 6) and Usera (Line 6)
Coordinates: 40.392358, -3.701966

One of the most iconic examples of Madrid street art is the mural by Okuda located near the Plaza Río 2 shopping center, created to coincide with the famous Madrid Pride festivities. Okuda San Miguel, who is known for his use of vibrant colors and geometric patterns, has once again brought their signature style to life with this breathtaking piece.

The mural features two women from different cultural backgrounds embracing in a passionate kiss, a powerful image that speaks to the diversity and inclusivity of the city. The artist’s intention was to capture the essence of Madrid’s multiculturalism and the importance of free love and acceptance in today’s society.

The mural is located on the side of a building, and its sheer size and vivid colors make it impossible to miss. It is one of the most impressive examples of Madrid street art and has become a popular destination for street art enthusiasts and tourists alike, who come to admire the intricacy and beauty of the mural.

23. The Rhyme of Things

Address: C/ Sta. Isabel 18, 28012, Madrid
Metro Station: Antón Martín (Line 1)
Coordinates: 40.411302, -3.698738

“The Rhyme of Things” is a colorful and striking mural created by Marat Morik, a Russian-born artist. It is a tribute to the also Russian poet Anna Ajmátova with a representation through the combination of overlapped geometrical shapes, colors, and textures.

24. Argumosa Street

Address: C/ Argumosa 24, 28012, Madrid
Metro Station: Lavapiés (Line 3) and Estación del Arte (Line 1)
Coordinates: 40.407851, -3.697047

Argumosa Street is a famous location for street art lovers in Madrid. It is located in the Lavapiés neighborhood, known for its multicultural and bohemian atmosphere. The street is lined with murals by different artists that have transformed its walls into a gallery of urban art in Madrid.

25. Episodios Nacionales

Address: C/ Fuencarral 31, 28004, Madrid
Metro Station: Chueca (Line 5) and Gran Vía (Lines 1, 5)
Coordinates: 40.42207, -3.70091

The mural “Episodios nacionales” by the artist Artez is a powerful and captivating work of Madrid street art. On this occasion, the artist shows a young woman with black hair in a Japanese-style bun and a lavender kimono holding a pile of books and a birdhouse in her arms.

In conclusion, Madrid is a city with a rich and diverse outdoor art scene. There is no shortage of impressive murals and graffiti to discover.

Remember, street art is not only a form of artistic expression but also an important part of urban culture. So, next time you are in the capital, apart from visiting the most popular museums, make sure to take a stroll and discover Madrid´s vibrant street art scene for yourself.

And leave your comments with your favorite Madrid street art and let’s keep this list updated!

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