Best Guide to using BiciMAD public electric bikes in Madrid

Eight years after the first BiciMAD, the Madrid City Council has launched an updated version in 2023 with more modern, robust, and safe electric bicycles.

This new BiciMAD started operating in March 2023 and by the end of September the fleet of vehicles will consist of a total of 7,500 fully electric bikes, and 611 stations spread throughout the 21 districts of the city.

This expansion and renovation of BiciMAD Madrid aim to consolidate the city as a reference capital in sustainable mobility.

What is BiciMAD Madrid

BiciMAD is the public electric bicycle rental service in Madrid for all citizens and visitors.

It is an essential element of clean transportation in Madrid public transport that contributes to a more sustainable mobility model. It reflects the commitment of the Madrid City Council to promote more balanced and healthy transportation habits.

The operating hours of the Madrid public e-bikes are uninterrupted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Changes and improvements in BiciMAD 2023

What are the new bicycles like?

The new 2023 bike model is made of recycled aluminum and features a more ergonomic, robust, and easier-to-drive design that significantly improves the user experience.

The new BiciMAD bikes include other noteworthy improvements such as:

  • The LCD display integrated into the bike frame determines the speed and battery charge level.
  • There are evolved drum brakes with a luminous signal.
  • The battery is also integrated into the bike frame and offers up to 43 miles of autonomy.
  • Easy height-adjustable saddle.
  • Stronger basket with a specific compartment for a handbag.
  • The 3-gear system provides progressive assistance free of abrupt inputs.

The condition of all the bicycles parked at the BiciMAD Madrid stations is permanently monitored. Moreover, users can now report the need to service a bicycle by means of a physical button located on the station anchors.

How to register in the new BiciMAD Madrid?

Users have currently two options to register in BiciMAD:

  1. Occasional use card: You can sign up as an occasional user at the docking station totem, for a period of one day, three days, or five days. The card is free of charge and allows the user to pick up the bicycle as many times as necessary during its validity.
  2. Annual pass: On the BiciMAD Madrid website, the app, or by calling +34 900 878 331. Once the annual pass is purchased, the user receives a code to pick up the annual pass card at any docking station totem. The annual subscription card is personal and non-transferable, and may not be used by another person.

How does the new BiciMAD work?

What is the new BiciMAD system like?

The new BiciMAD 2023 incorporates a new website, an updated app, and a super easy and intuitive system to lock and unlock e-bikes. BiciMAD stations are equipped with a light system:

  • Red: the electric bicycle is not available or it is not properly placed.
  • Yellow: the yellow light is activated while the system is executing the command.
  • Green: the e-bike is available to use or is correctly placed after a trip is completed.

This development has tackled one of the most common complaints of the previous BiciMAD Madrid system. Sometimes the e-bikes were not properly placed without the user noticing, which resulted in charges for several hours of use even though the bike was not being used.

How to start the trip?

There are two possibilities to start the trip: with the card or through the application.

The user can swipe the BiciMAD card or the public transport card on the right side of the base or on the side of the lock. You can also scan the QR code from the app and wait for the green light to turn on. Check out the following video to discover how convenient is the new system:

Through the app, the users can associate the card with an MPASS account, the single account system that allows them to use the EMT services in Madrid. When registering in MPass, the user will have to include a payment method on which the trips made or the subscriptions contracted will be charged.

How to finish the BiciMAD trip?

Just place your BiciMAD bicycle on the base at any station and wait for the green light to confirm that it is properly placed. The new e-bikes lock by themselves, no need for the user to manually lock them.

What is the price of BiciMAD?

Occasional Users: Although BiciMAD will immediately block 150€, they will charge occasional users 2 € for the first hour and 4 € for every additional hour. You will be billed at the end of the selected period depending on the use of the service.

Annual subscription: The price of the annual subscription to BiciMAD is 25 €, but users of the Public Transport Card can benefit from a rate of 15 € per year. The cost of using the bikes must be added to the service fee, 50 cents for the first 30 minutes and 60 cents for subsequent fractions of 30 minutes.

Please note that a maximum of two hours per trip is allowed. If it is exceeded, the penalty is 4 euros. And an additional 4 euros for each hour exceeding the limit.

You can check all the official rates and bonuses on the official website of BiciMAD Madrid.

When is BiciMAD free?

The launch of the new Bicimad service on March 7 was initially accompanied by a free period of use until July 31, 2023, for annual subscribers and occasional users. But recently it has been announced that this free period has been extended until December 31, 2023, fantastic news!

Finally, take into account that this free period of use does not include BiciMAD Go, a service in which it is not necessary to leave the bicycle docked at a BiciMAD station.

Is there any limit to BiciMAD’s free use?

Yes, in order to guarantee the availability of BiciMAD electric bikes for all users, the use of bicycles will be free only for the first 30 minutes.

Therefore, you are allowed to make as many trips under 30 minutes as you want per day, but at the end of the trips, the vehicles will have to be left at one of the bases distributed throughout the city. If the time of use exceeds 30 minutes, the usual fare will be charged.

Coexistence of the new and old BiciMAD systems

Both the new and the old bikes will coexist for several months, the time that lasts the period of implementation of all the facilities and technological improvements. During the coexistence period, the user will be able to use both the old and the new e-bikes.

However, if you are a former user of the service and have not yet migrated from the old system to the new one, do it as soon as possible from the mobile application. t is scheduled to be disconnected on September 30 and you would have to sign up again in BiciMAD.

Can I place an old BiciMAD in a new station and vice versa?

Yes, no matter which type of bike you are using, it can be parked in any station available.

Old bicycles can be locked to the new stations. To use them, simply scan the QR code with your cell phone. To end the trip, you must close the rear lock or notify the end of the trip from the app.

To use a new bicycle at an old station, just swipe the card through the lock or read the QR code through the app. To leave the new bicycle at an old station there are two options:

  • Close the lock and wait for the green light (if the light turns red it is because the location is not correct or the station is already full).
  • Notify the end of the trip from the app and, subsequently, close the lock until the green light appears.

If you want to leave a new bicycle at an old station, you must leave it in front of a free anchorage, resting on its kickstand, without placing the front wheel on the platform.

Phishing Alert: Fake Codes Targeting BiciMAD Users

The Madrid city council has warned that several bicycles with fake QR codes have been detected, attempting to steal money from BiciMAD users.

These counterfeit codes replaced legitimate ones and directed users to a website where they were asked to pay a certain amount of money to unlock the bike. The fake codes didn’t work with the official app, but if a user attempted it with a different app, a link was created leading to a page where they were prompted to make the payment, albeit in pounds.

BiciMAD has alerted users about this scam attempt, emphasizing that if the official app doesn’t recognize a code, the best course of action is to try using a different bike rather than using another app to read it.

The company is already in the process of removing the fake stickers, but they are urging users to remain vigilant just in case.

Are BiciMAD electric bikes in Madrid safe?

Getting around Madrid by bike is safe but requires extra care. Take always into account the following tips:

  • Verify the proper conditions of the bicycle before using it. Take special care with wheels, brakes, and seat.
  • Bikes shall drive on the road, preferably on the right lane, and avoid the bus lane.
  • It is forbidden to drive on the sidewalks and pedestrian areas.
  • Make yourself more visible to other drivers by using reflective gear and by driving in the center of the lane.
  • Remember to sign all the maneuvers and turns in advance.
  • Obey all the traffic signs and lights.

Frequently Asked Questions about BiciMAD Madrid

How can I find a BiciMAD station?

You can check a map with the location of all the BiciMAD stations on the new official website.

How can I identify available BiciMAD bikes?

The BiciMAD mobile app also allows you to check in real time if any bikes are available at the nearest pick-up point.

How to notify BiciMAD service incidents?

In case of any service incident, the user has to notify the incident through any of these channels: telephone +34 900 878 331 and the BiciMAD app.

What should you do if your BiciMAD bike is stolen?

In this case, the user will report the incident, as soon as possible, to the Police and to BiciMAD in less than 2 hours. Also, it will be requested to send a copy of the report to

What is the minimum age to use BiciMAD?

You can use the service from the age of 14. Minors under 16 must be registered by an adult, as guardian or legal representative, and will assume full responsibility for the actions of minors during the use of the service as well as their physical suitability to use the service.

Is the use of a helmet mandatory with BiciMAD?

Helmets are mandatory for minors under 16 years old. In all other cases, the use of helmets is always recommended.

Are there other bike rentals in Madrid?

Apart from BiciMAD, there are other excellent bike rental options available in Madrid.

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