The 5 Best Bike Rentals in Madrid

Madrid offers countless attractions and experiences for locals and tourists alike. One of the best ways to explore this enchanting city is by renting a bike. Bike rentals in Madrid have become increasingly popular due to their convenience, affordability, and eco-friendliness.

Whether you are in need of a ride to visit the city’s most popular landmarks or looking for some quality exercise, look no further. I have put together a list of the best places for bike rentals in the capital of Spain.

My 5 Favorite Bike Rentals in Madrid

1. Bike Rental in El Retiro Park

Company name: Rent & Roll Madrid
Address: C. de Felipe IV 10, 28014, Madrid
Phone: +34 911 484 967 / +34 686 178 462

Located just 30 meters from the main entrance of the famous El Retiro Park, Rent & Roll is one of the most popular bike rentals in Madrid, providing a vast selection of bicycles suitable for all styles and riding occasions. You can choose from city, electric, mountain, classic, and road bikes to explore the Spanish capital’s iconic spots.

They offer a variety of tours catering to all ability levels, led by professional guides who ensure safety, information, and most importantly, fun! For those who prefer independence, their self-guided bike tour in Retiro Park allows you to explore the highlights at your own pace. The route is smooth, beautiful, and easy to follow.

For added convenience, Rent & Roll can deliver and pick up bikes to your preferred location, even to your hotel or hostel. Their friendly team also offers suggestions on town maps, nice places to visit, and scenic routes to explore the region.

2. Bike Rental near Sol and Gran Vía

Company name: Trixi Bike Rental & Bike Tours
Address: Calle de los Jardines 12, 28013, Madrid
Phone: +34 915 231 547 / +34 660 091 644

What sets Trixi apart from other bike rentals in Madrid is their exceptional experience of 20 years in the industry.

If you seek to discover the famous sights or take a break in one of the lovely parks of the capital, Trixi has a wide selection of bicycles to suit everyone. Their bike rental fleet offers city bikes for adults, smaller bikes for children, electric bikes, rear bike seats for kids, and other accessories such as helmets and mobile phone holders.

They offer multilingual tours for individuals and groups, or you can just rent a bike and uncover Madrid’s beauty at your own pace. With self-guided tours ranging from 3 to 6 hours, you can explore city highlights and hidden gems.

3. Bike Rental near Madrid Rio Park

Company name: Rutas Pangea
Address: Paseo de las Yeserías 15, 28005, Madrid
Phone: +34 915 172 839 | +34 680 492 159

If you are passionate about cycling and eager to explore Madrid’s natural beauty, culture, and history, Rutas Pangea is your go-to reference. Located next to Madrid Río, one of the city’s most popular biking spots, Rutas Pangea is an expert in organizing bike routes and trips in Madrid.

When searching for bike rentals in Madrid Río, Rutas Pangea is an excellent choice. Their expertise lies in promoting bicycle usage, and alongside bike rentals, they offer group tours around the city and bike-riding lessons for both kids and adults.

With a specialized repair workshop, second-hand bike sales, and primary and advanced mechanics courses, Rutas Pangea provides comprehensive services to cycling enthusiasts. Their rental inventory is pretty diverse, featuring mountain bikes, road bikes, city bikes, electric bikes, and bikes for children.

4. Bike Rental near Madrid’s Royal Palace

Company name: Madrid Bike Tours and Rentals
Address: Calle de Santiago 18, 28013, Madrid
Phone: +34 910 750 163 / +34 673 430 379

Located near the Royal Palace, La Almudena Cathedral, and the Royal Theater, Madrid Bike Tours is one of the most convenient bike rentals in Madrid. They offer a variety of guided tours around the city to help you explore the highlights of Madrid and even experience the city’s magic under the stars with their night bike tours.

Their standout tour, the Essential Madrid Bike Tour, covers 10 kilometers of the city’s most iconic squares, parks, monuments, gardens, and buildings. From the Royal Palace and Plaza Mayor to Puerta del Sol and the Almudena Cathedral, this three-hour tour is a must if this is your first visit to the capital of Spain.

With a range of urban and electric bikes available for rent, Madrid Bike Tours caters to all preferences. Additionally, they offer Segway rentals as an alternative and exciting way to explore the city.

5. Bike Rental near Casa de Campo

Company name: Mi Bike Rio
Address: Calle de Aniceto Marinas 26, 28008, Madrid
Phone: +34 605 299 630

Situated near the huge Casa de Campo area, which spans over 1700 hectares, Mi Bike Rio offers an excellent location for biking routes. Casa de Campo is not only Madrid’s largest urban park but also one of the largest in the world, making it a popular spot for outdoor sports.

Devoted to the rental, sale, and repair of pedal-powered vehicles, they offer a diverse range of options, including bicycles, tandems, tricycles, and scooters. If you are keen on exploring Casa de Campo and its cycling trails, mountain bikes are recommended. Hybrid bikes are a great choice, combining the comfort of leisure bikes with the versatility of mountain bikes.

They also have city bikes, electric bikes, and tandems. Families with little ones can find bikes of various sizes, as well as options for bike rental in Madrid with regulatory child seats. Bike rentals in Madrid are one of the most enjoyable activities to do with kids.


BiciMAD Madrid

BiciMAD is an excellent alternative to the previous bike rentals in Madrid. If you are looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to explore Madrid on two wheels, BiciMAD is the ideal solution.

As a public bike-sharing program, you have access to a network of electric bicycles stationed throughout the city, making it easy to pick up and drop off bikes at various locations. The program provides a seamless and efficient way to move around Madrid, especially for short trips and sightseeing excursions.

BiciMAD is the public electric bicycle rental service in Madrid

Moreover, the new BiciMAD bike model is made of recycled aluminum and features a more ergonomic, robust, and easier-to-drive design that significantly improves the user experience. Electric technology is added to help you with pedaling assistance.

The BiciMAD service is very popular as it is really simple to use, through the docking station totems or the App. It is quite convenient too as you can rent a bike at any of the docking stations and leave it in any other.

Is Madrid a bike-friendly city?

Biking has seen a surge in popularity in Madrid, thanks to the city’s efforts to become more bike-friendly.

The traffic in Madrid´s city center has been reducing in the last few years and there is a limit for cars not to drive faster than 30 kilometers per hour. If we add to this the fact that dedicated bike lanes are being built, Madrid is on the right way to creating a safe and enjoyable environment for cyclists.

Bike tour around El Retiro Park

The flat terrain of the city also makes it accessible for riders of all fitness levels, making biking an attractive option for sightseeing.

However, if you are thinking about bike rental in Madrid, you need to know that getting around the city by bike can be stressful. So if you are visiting Madrid for the first time guided tours are a great option to consider, counting with experienced guides that will take you along safe and scenic routes.

Tips for cycling safely in Madrid

Bike rentals in Madrid have become an increasingly popular and enjoyable way to explore the Spanish capital.

Trixi Bike Rental & Bike Tours

However, before you embark on your two-wheeled adventure, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the local biking rules to ensure a safe and pleasant ride. These essential tips will help you navigate Madrid’s roads with confidence:

  • Inspect the Bike: Before setting off, check the bike’s condition thoroughly. Ensure the wheels, brakes, lights, seat, and bell are in proper working order.
  • Stay on the Road: Bicycles should stick to the road, preferably using the right lane and avoiding the bus lane.
  • Avoid Sidewalks: It is essential to remember that biking on sidewalks and pedestrian areas is strictly prohibited.
  • Be Visible: Increase your visibility to other drivers by wearing reflective gear and riding in the center of the lane.
  • Signal Clearly: Signaling your maneuvers and turns in advance is crucial. Use your left arm to indicate a left turn, your right arm for a right turn, and hold your right arm down at your side to indicate stopping.
  • Obey Traffic Signs: Follow all traffic signs and lights to ensure a smooth and safe journey.
  • Safety for Kids: Children under 16 years old must wear a helmet for their safety.
  • Get Insured: For added peace of mind, consider booking travel insurance with comprehensive coverage.

By following these safety tips, you will be well-prepared to enjoy a fantastic biking experience in Madrid. So visit one of the best bike rentals in Madrid, hop on your bike, and make unforgettable memories on two wheels!


Is biking in Madrid safe for solo travelers?

Yes, Madrid is generally safe for solo cyclists. Just ensure you follow traffic rules and stay alert while riding. However, you can also consider the option of taking a guided tour.

Can I bring my own bike instead of renting?

It depends. In some of the bike rentals in Madrid it is possible to bring your own bike when you hire a guided tour, but it is advisable to check in advance. Keep in mind that, in general, this will not mean a reduction in the price of the guided tour.

Are there bike rental options in Madrid for families with children?

Yes, most bike rentals in Madrid offer child seats and kids’ bikes, making it a family-friendly activity.

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