Top 7 Mexican Restaurants in Madrid

Are you searching for the best Mexican restaurants in Madrid?

From tasty tacos, fajitas, and burritos to delicious guacamole and quesadillas, Madrid is home to excellent restaurants to taste the flavors of authentic Mexican food. And, of course, do not forget to grab some frozen Margaritas or Micheladas.

There is an extremely wide range of Mexican restaurants in Madrid. And I can say it has been pretty challenging to narrow the list to my favorite Top 7.

Don´t forget to leave your recommendations below with your favorite Mexican restaurants in Spain!

1. Bakan (Plaza de la Independencia 5)

Bakan is a cosmopolitan and trendy Mexican restaurant in Madrid, and I love it.

First of all, its location is incomparable next to the iconic Puerta de Alcalá, which is probably the most popular attraction in Madrid.

That is why most customers try to book a table on its wonderful terrace, with a minimalist design simulating a garden of cacti.

The interior`s elegant decoration illustrates Mexico’s culture in both a traditional and modern way.

The menu includes all the best of the typical Mexican food and drinks. In the appetizers section, the guacamole and the ceviche stand out.

And if you want to enjoy a complete Mexican experience, you could dare to try the insects section, including crispy grasshoppers, ant eggs, and worms.

In the main section, you will find different roasted meat and fish, quesadillas, enchiladas, and moles. Obviously, there are numerous tacos, in my opinion the cochinita pibil, carnitas, and ribs are a must.

The Margaritas and the other mezcal and tequila based drinks are delicious.

As Mexican restaurants in Madrid are quite popular, it is usually advisable to book your table in advance.

2. Tepic (Calle de Ayala 14)

I have had plenty of discussions with my friends to agree on which is the best Mexican restaurant in Madrid.

Although we have not found a consensus for the moment, Tepic is always at the top of our lists.

I did not have the chance to visit the former Tepic in the Chueca neighborhood. But I love the new place in the heart of the Salamanca district, one of the most exclusive areas in Madrid.

It is the perfect spot to enjoy the best traditional Mexican cuisine and take a break after some shopping.

Apart from the terrace, the interior of the restaurant is divided into two spaces with different atmospheres, the bar area, and the lounge. The decoration is minimalist and modern.

The menu includes the most typical and authentic Mexican foods and drinks, and the dishes are, in general, designed to share.

The delicious guacamole, the shrimp cocktail, and the chicken tinga tostadas are some of my favorite starters. My husband loves the panuchos yucatecos, a bite that will certainly surprise you.

In case you cannot decide, I suggest you go for some of these but I am sure that you will love anything on the menu.

Tacos in all their versions are very present on the menu. Some of my favorite tacos in Tepic are the gobernador, cochinita pibil, and al pastor.

The interesting proposal of cocktails is another of its strong points. Well, I am such a fan of their frozen margaritas…

3. Takos al Pastor (Calle de la Abada 2, and Calle Botoneras 7)

Let´s move now to a different concept of a Mexican restaurant.

In this case, Takos al Pastor is a small, and crowded, place to eat some of the best Mexican tacos in Madrid at the best price. Both restaurants are located in the very city center, close to Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor.

So, if you are visiting some of these typical landmarks in Madrid, take a break and taste their most famous tacos: al pastor, suadero, and cochinita pibil.

They are not the largest tacos I have ever tried but they are probably the cheapest, and they are delicious.

Take into account that the place is usually crowded, so try to avoid rush hours.

4. Iztac (Plaza de la República del Ecuador 4)

I want to mention Iztac in this place, as it is exactly opposite to what you will find in Takos al Pastor.

With an elegant and cozy atmosphere, Iztac is one of the most fashionable Mexican restaurants in Madrid. Well, I could even say that Iztac does not look like the typical Mexican restaurant we are used to in Madrid.

Or at least that was my first impression. It is on my bucket list to come back soon, as the innovative menu changes every six months. This way, Iztac can offer all the original dishes in the extensive Mexican cuisine, away from the Tex-Mex flavors.

Iztac offers a menu with traditional and authentic Mexican dishes, and I would probably highlight the guacamole, the mochomo, and the aguachile as starters.

You know that I am a big fan of tacos and margaritas and the Iztac ones are amazing. The Arab taco was a recommendation by the waiter and I must say it was delicious.

As you can imagine, the final check was higher than in Takos al Pastor. But, in my opinion, this is an excellent Mexican restaurant in Madrid for a special occasion.

5. Barracuda MX (Calle de Valenzuela 7)

As you probably know, Punto MX, the first Mexican restaurant in Europe with a Michelin star, closed permanently its doors due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Its chef, Roberto Ruiz, has created this new project dedicated to the cuisine of the Mexican Pacific, where fish and seafood are very present.

With a privileged location next to Puerta de Alcalá and El Retiro Park, Barracuda MX is a unique Mexican restaurant in Madrid.

I could tell you my preferences for the menu but you will be probably more interested in the suggestions of the chef.

These are the Barracuda Guacamole with Prawns, the Aguachile, and the Memela of Wagyu as starters.

Next, he proposes some tacos such as El Pastor, with handmade tortillas prepared in the middle of the room.

Finally, he suggests the Sea Bass a la Talla, which is the most emblematic dish of the restaurant.

Of course, don´t miss the exquisite cocktails such as the mezcaliñas, margaritas, and micheladas.

I have no doubt you will agree with me that Barracuda MX is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Madrid.

6. Mawey Taco Bar (Calle de Olid 6, and Calle de San Bernardo 5)

You could easily guess by reading the name of the restaurant that Mexican street food is its main specialty.

Mawey Taco Bar already has two restaurants in the city center, and another one in Majadahonda, on the city’s outskirts.

This is a direct consequence of the success of their business model, offering authentic signature tacos at a moderate price.

Because the truth is that the menu is mainly based on tacos, although quesadillas, guacamole, and chilaquiles are also present.

If you are, as I am, a fan of the tacos, you cannot miss the governador, al pastor, ear and cuttlefish, suadero, and the surprising Tikin-Xic butterfish.

Have you already tried this excellent Mexican restaurant in Madrid?

7. Puntarena (Calle de Alberto Aguilera 20)

My visit to Puntarena was surprising, as this Mexican restaurant in Madrid is not what I expected.

But don´t misunderstand me, although it is not the typical Mexican restaurant in Madrid, the food is unique and spectacular.

Located next to the Casa de México in Spain, you will discover a charming and intimate space to enjoy a different gastronomic experience with fish and seafood perfectly integrated into the Mexican classics.

The Aguachile, the black tiradito, the Camarón Rosarito, and the Fish a la Talla, which is prepared first on the grill and then in the oven, are some of the delicious dishes you can taste in Puntarena restaurant.

Have you already tried any of my best Mexican restaurants in Madrid? I would also love to receive other suggestions.

And if you are still hungry, check out my favorite Indian restaurants and Greek restaurants in Madrid.

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Best Mexican Restaurants in Madrid

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