Top 7 Indian Restaurants in Madrid

In Madrid, due to its cosmopolitan character, we are fortunate to have a very wide culinary diversity. If you want to try the best Indian restaurants in Madrid, in this post you will find my top 7.

India is one of my favorite countries, among other reasons for its tasty cuisine full of spices, exotic aromas, and ancient flavors.

It is curious that in my list of best Indian restaurants in Madrid there are 4 restaurants of the Khazuria Group. More than a coincidence, I would say that this is an indicator that their culinary proposals are a complete success.

The final price of some of the restaurants, although not excessive (30-35 euros), may be a little above what you are used to in an Indian restaurant in Madrid, especially those in the neighborhood of Lavapies. In any case, I encourage you to try all of them, they are worth it!

1. Doli (Diego de León, 13)

In the Salamanca neighborhood, one of the most exclusive in Spain, you can find one of my favorite Indian restaurants in Madrid. It is perfect to refuel after a morning of shopping.

I met this restaurant not long ago, and since my first time it became a must on my list.

Apart from exquisite decoration and service, this establishment offers an intimate and cozy atmosphere to enjoy the most authentic Indian food. It is worth mentioning that the restaurant has a beautiful outdoor terrace.

The menu includes tandoori oven specialties and a wide range of curries. Some of their best-rated dishes are the pakoras, the tandoori octopus, and the chicken tikka masala. In my opinion, the size of the dishes is perfect for sharing.

I am sure that Doli will not disappoint you and you will come back.

2. Udaipur (Paseo de la Castellana, 74)

I admit it, I love chicken tikka masala and I love croquettes.

Thus, it was inevitable that I had to visit this magnificent Indian restaurant in Madrid, when a friend told me that one of their specialties was the chicken tikka masala croquettes.

Located in the Paseo de la Castellana, this restaurant undoubtedly stands out for its spectacular acclimatized terrace, suitable all year round. But the interior is equally surprising, with an explosion of color that dominates the ceiling.

As it could not be otherwise, the menu includes a wide selection of typical Indian dishes with an innovative and creative touch without losing its traditional essence.

In addition to the aforementioned croquettes, the Bengen Cheese Pakora, aubergines with cheese in chickpea flour with spices, and the Prawn Chana Puri, prawns cooked with chickpeas, spices, and served with bread, are very popular.

Of course, the chicken and lamb curries are excellent and perfect to serve with their Biriyani section.

In Udaipur, you will discover a complete flavor experience. Let the Indian spices and the wide variety of ingredients captivate your palate.

3. Swagat (Núñez de Balboa, 29)

Swagat is a restaurant that I have a special affection for.

It was near my former home and I have enjoyed its excellent food and service on many occasions. The atmosphere is very pleasant and the decor is very authentic.

Some of the most popular starters are the samosas and the Swagat Tacos, traditional Indian tacos with crusty flour bread, filled with chicken and mushrooms.

As a main dish, the chicken tikka masala is spectacular, one of my favorites. Vegetarian meatballs are another of their specialties.

All accompanied by a side of Pulao basmati rice, cheese naan, and pistachio ice cream for dessert.

I can’t imagine a better meal, yummy!

4. Bangalore (Diego de León, 63)

Bangalore is one of the most popular Indian restaurants in Madrid. Personally, I love it.

The place is very cozy, the service is outstanding and the food is exquisite. The waiters are very polite and helpful, they explain all the dishes so you know exactly what you are eating.

It is ideal for a romantic dinner, to go with friends, or with family.

The interior decoration and its large terrace are two of its strong points. But the best is the menu, which includes all the traditional Indian specialties.

From chicken and lamb cooked in the tandoori oven, to tasty curries, vegetable dishes, and, of course, rice and naans.

Bangalore is another of the Khazuria Group restaurants and is, without a doubt, in my top 7 Indian restaurants in Madrid.

5. Tandoori Station (José Ortega y Gasset, 89, 91)

Although the first time I tasted the exquisite Indian food was many years ago on one of my trips to London, Tandoori Station was one of the first Indian restaurants I tried in Madrid.

I discovered it on the recommendation of a friend, as well as the Taj restaurant, and since then it has been one of my Indian restaurants of reference in Madrid.

This modern and elegant Indian restaurant simulates a train station. The food, characterized by roasted meats, pulao, and biryani, is prepared with the best products and ingredients.

The menu is incredibly extensive and is divided into three main blocks: starters, tandoori roasts, and my favorite, curries, without forgetting the naan and desserts.

If you do not know what to order, you can always opt for the Chetak Express tasting menu, or let yourself be advised by the staff.

The service and attention are incredible. In any case, all the dishes I have tried have been a success.

All the specialties of this extraordinary Indian restaurant in Madrid perfectly reflect the particularities of Indian cuisine, based on the aromatic spices used for its preparation.

6. Purnima (Goya, 110)

Have you been spending the morning in El Retiro Park and got hungry? Very close to this popular Madrid tourist attraction is the Indian restaurant Purnima.

You will find elegant and colorful decorations, just like the food. The dishes have a fusion of flavors that transport you to India.

Its delicious curries, tandoori, and rice dishes make Purnima one of the best Indian restaurants in Madrid.

Since the menu is extensive and a bit confusing, the best option is to get advice on specialties and quantity.

Among the most popular dishes are the samosas and pakoras, the Purnima salad (Tandoori oven roasted chicken mixed salad), and the chicken and lamb curries. The butter chicken is, in my opinion, spectacular.

7. El hombre pez (Velázquez, 102)

More than 7,000 kilometers separate Cantabria and India but both share a taste for gastronomy.

El Hombre Pez is possibly the riskiest and most innovative option in my list of best Indian restaurants in Madrid, as it dares to merge the best of both cuisines.

The decoration of this spacious place is amazing and inside you will find a calm and elegant atmosphere. I am sure you will enjoy an unforgettable experience.

This Indian restaurant is unique and presents a different and attractive menu where you can choose between genuine Indian dishes and others that merge both cuisines.

For starters, I suggest you try the tuna tartare with tikka masala and the creamy tikka masala sirloin croquettes.

The Turbot marinated with tandoori spices is spectacular. To finish, of course, something sweet, and here the cheesecake is a must, super light and very creamy.

I hope you enjoyed my post about my favorite Indian restaurants in Madrid, have you tried any of them? would you include any other restaurant on my list?

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