What to See in Segovia in One Day

What to see in Segovia

Are you planning a trip to Segovia, but only have one day to explore this historic city? Don’t worry, in this guide, I will explain what to see in Segovia in one day. From the iconic Roman aqueduct to the stunning Alcázar castle, you won’t miss a thing. As someone who has visited Segovia many … Read more

All about the 2023 Madrid Book Fair

2023 Madrid Book Fair

Did you know that the Madrid Book Fair is considered the biggest event in the book industry in Spain? It is held once a year, and the fair has already been around for 90 years since its first edition. The 2022 Madrid Book Fair was a smashing success in terms of sales (over 10 million … Read more

Top 5 Greek Restaurants in Madrid

Best Greek restaurants in Madrid

Are you a fan of Greek cuisine and looking for the best Greek restaurants in Madrid? The capital of Spain is home to some of the most authentic and delicious Greek restaurants outside of Greece. The best Greek restaurants in Madrid have a lively and festive atmosphere, with colorful decor, traditional music, and friendly staff. … Read more