Top 10 Peruvian Restaurants in Madrid

With Peruvian restaurants gaining popularity in the capital, the diverse options cater to every taste and budget. That is why, I have compiled a list of my 10 favorite Peruvian restaurants in Madrid, ensuring an array of options to satisfy every palate.

Are you in the mood for “ceviche” and “lomo saltado”, with a refreshing pisco sour on the side? Here are the best spots to taste the delicious Peruvian cuisine in Madrid.

Where to Eat Peruvian Cuisine in Madrid

Peruvian cuisine is the essence of fusion, influenced by Spain, Africa, France, China, and Japan. In Spain, the popularity of Peruvian restaurants has surged, whether they lean towards modern or traditional styles. Here’s a roundup of the best Peruvian restaurants in Madrid, each weaving a unique culinary narrative that reflects Peru’s diverse cultural influences.

The Best 10 Peruvian Restaurants in Madrid

1. Tampu

Address: C. Prim, 13, 28004, Madrid
Phone: +34 915 641 913

I have decided to start my list of favorite Peruvian restaurants in Madrid with Tampu, a place that transcends traditional Peruvian cuisine, offering a fusion dining experience inspired by Peru.

Here, classic Peruvian recipes are presented with a creative and sophisticated twist. The carefully decorated area takes ideas from native tribes, making a cozy atmosphere like private cabins.

Tampu is an extraordinary venue where you can relish a delightful “ají de gallina” and a spectacular “lomo saltado”. Noteworthy creations include the “ceviche amazónico” and steamed mussels accompanied by a creamy ceviche sauce with baby squid and shrimp. And complete your meal with a classic Peruvian dessert, a delicious “suspiro limeño”.

2. Inti de oro

Address: C. Ventura de la Vega 12, 28014, Madrid
Phone: +34 914 296 703

Next up is Inti de Oro, one of the first Peruvian restaurants in Madrid. With 3 establishments in the capital, its success speaks for itself. This outstanding restaurant is renowned for delivering classic Peruvian cuisine, emphasizing excellent ingredients and meticulous presentations.

Their extensive menu covers everything you might expect: “ceviches”, “tiraditos”, “anticuchos”, “ají de gallina”, “rocoto”, and “arroz chaufa”. As a bonus, you will discover a cocktail menu featuring Peruvian blends, including the well-loved pisco sour.

3. Piscomar

Address: Carrera de San Francisco 15, 28005, Madrid
Phone: +34 910 014 597

Situated conveniently close to the awesome Royal Basilica of San Francisco el Grande, one of the most amazing landmarks in Madrid, you will discover a spacious venue with 2 levels and an outdoor terrace boasting exceptional views.

Chef Jhosef Arias introduces innovative cuisine, meticulously attending to every detail in the dish presentation. The menu’s specialty is seafood, with a focus on standout “ceviches”. You can also savor “tiraditos”, “causa limeña”, and “lomo saltado”, all complemented by a selection of piscos and other delightful cocktails.

4. Chifa

Address: C. Modesto Lafuente 64, 28003, Madrid
Phone: +34 915 347 566

Now, I introduce you to a small yet cozy spot with minimalist decor, a reference for fusion cuisine in the capital. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most highly-rated Peruvian restaurants in Madrid.

Evolving from Chifa cuisine, a fusion of Peruvian and Chinese gastronomy influenced by Asian immigrants, this place has become a culinary gem. The current menu offers a gastronomic journey blending flavors and contrasts from both America and Asia, featuring classics and equally astonishing new recipes.

If you are unsure what to order, I recommend trying the corvina, scallop, and octopus “ceviche”, the Latin-Chinese pork dumplings, the Mexican-style summer roll, the “arroz chaufa”, and the red curry with beef cheek.

5. Latasia

Address: Paseo de la Castellana 115, 28046, Madrid
Phone: +34 915 559 333

Latasia is a culinary masterpiece, seamlessly blending the vibrant traditions of Latin America and Asia. This fusion gem, located near Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, offers a unique symphony of tastes and textures on each plate, showcasing the artistry of combining diverse cuisines.

The menu, though concise, is a delightful journey through Peruvian classics like “ceviches” and “tiraditos”, Asian delights including chili crab, dim sum, curry, and the popular wok stir-fried candied veal sweetbread with yakiniku sauce, and Spanish influences like the grilled aged veal T-bone steak.

Thanks to its location, Latasia becomes the perfect dining choice if you are planning to catch a Real Madrid soccer match.

6. Callao 24

Address: C. Agastia 76, 28043, Madrid
Phone: +34 910 852 210

Following the success of Piscomar, renowned chef Jhosef Arias shifted his focus to Callao 24, offering an innovative take on “Criolla” cuisine. The restaurant features an inviting dining space adorned with wicker details in its furnishings, comfortable sofas, and wooden floors.

With dishes designed for sharing and meticulous presentation, Callao 24 provides an opportunity to savor typical Peruvian delights like “ají de gallina,” “ceviche,” “tiradito,” and “causa limeña.” The cozy ambiance and carefully crafted menu make it one of the most popular Peruvian restaurants in Madrid.

7. Quispe

Address: C. Conde de Aranda 4, 28001, Madrid
Phone: +34 911 375 785

In the upscale Salamanca neighborhood, just a stone’s throw from the famous El Retiro Park, you will discover one of my favorite Peruvian restaurants in Madrid. Quispe’s menu pays tribute to the rich cultural and culinary diversity of Peru, incorporating influences from Spain, China, and Japan.

Quispe offers a welcoming concept catering to an international audience. On one hand, they provide dishes ideal for quick bites at high tables, and on the other, heartier options for a leisurely dining experience at low tables.

The lounge space, particularly noteworthy, transforms Quispe into the capital’s go-to spot for enjoying cocktails. Quispe is the perfect spot if you want to chill after a shopping spree in Madrid.

8. Ronda 14

Address: C. Gral. Oráa 25, 28006, Madrid
Phone: +34 914 111 730

Ronda 14 doesn’t just serve delicious meals, it aims to provide you with a unique experience, complete with a warm ambiance and exceptional service.

The restaurant features a modern fusion kitchen tailored to the tastes of an international audience, blending elements from Peruvian, Japanese, and Asturian gastronomy, the chef’s hometown.

Don’t miss out on specialties like the “ceviche” nikkei, red tuna gunkan, “anticucho” gyozas, wagyu burger nigiri, or indulgent beef and cabrales “cachopinos”. Each dish is a culinary delight.

9. Oroya

Address: Pl. Celenque 2, 28013, Madrid
Phone: +34 919 545 450

Are you on the lookout for Madrid’s trendiest and most exclusive rooftop experience?

Perched on the 4th floor of the luxurious 5-star hotel, “The Madrid EDITION,” Oroya boasts a top-notch restaurant featuring dishes that weave together Peru’s cultural history with influences from Asia, Africa, and the Mediterranean.

Of course, your culinary journey wouldn’t be complete without pairing these specialties with some delightful Pisco-based creative cocktails. Beyond the elegant interior, the rooftop extends to a terrace offering breathtaking views of Madrid.

This chic outdoor space is adorned with lush plants, comfy sofas, and wooden floors. It culminates with a grand infinity pool that provides a panoramic view of the Royal Theater and the southern expanse of Madrid.

10. Oceanika

Address: C. Antonio Pérez 26, 28002, Madrid
Phone: +34 915 626 660

Saving the best for last, let me introduce Oceanika, an Ibero-American fusion restaurant that I highly recommend if you are in search of a surprising, fun, and delicious dining experience.

Breaking away from the ordinary, Oceanika thrives on the art of deception, presenting dishes that appear as one thing but reveal delightful surprises. That is why it is best to trust the waitstaff when ordering, letting them guide you through a culinary journey filled with unexpected delights.

10 Popular Peruvian dishes

Madrid, a city known for its vibrant culinary scene, has become a hub for international flavors, and Peruvian cuisine is undoubtedly making a mark.

Here’s a guide to the most popular Peruvian dishes that will transport you to the vibrant streets of Lima.

  • The iconic “ceviche” is a zesty Latin American dish, originating from Peru, featuring raw seafood cured in citrus juices for a tender, flavorful result. Enhanced with ingredients like onions and chili peppers, it offers a refreshing burst of seaside authenticity.
  • For the adventurous food enthusiast, the roasted or grilled guinea pig “cuy” is a traditional Peruvian delicacy. This unique dish offers a distinctive taste that showcases the bold flavors and culinary diversity of Peru.
  • “Ají de Gallina” is a creamy chicken stew featuring a savory blend of shredded chicken, spicy yellow pepper, and a medley of spices.
  • A vibrant and visually stunning dish, “causa limeña” is a layered potato cake filled with a variety of ingredients like avocado, shrimp, or chicken.
  • “Rocoto Relleno” refers to a spicy pepper, stuffed with a mix of minced meat and Andean spices.
  • “Lomo Saltado” is a stir-fry dish featuring marinated strips of beef, tomatoes, onions, and a touch of soy sauce.
  • “Arroz Chaufa” is a flavorful fried rice dish with vegetables, usually including scallions, eggs, and chicken, cooked in a wok with soy sauce and oil. It showcases the influence of Chinese immigrants on Peruvian cuisine.
  • Skewers of marinated and grilled meat, usually beef heart, “anticuchos” are a street food favorite in Peru.
  • “Papas a la Huancaina” are boiled potatoes smothered in a spicy cheese and yellow pepper sauce.
  • “Suspiro a la limeña” is a dessert of Peruvian gastronomy featuring caramelized condensed milk and a hint of port wine.

While not a meal, no exploration of Peruvian cuisine is complete without sipping on a Pisco Sour. This iconic cocktail, featuring Pisco, lime juice, simple syrup, and egg white, is the perfect way to round off your culinary adventure in the top-rated Peruvian restaurants in Madrid.

Final Words

Madrid’s culinary landscape has been enriched by a vibrant array of Peruvian restaurants, each offering a unique blend of flavors that transport diners to the diverse and rich culinary heritage of Peru.

From the traditional charm of Tampu to the innovative twists at Latasia and the playful surprises at Oceanika, these establishments showcase the versatility and creativity of Peruvian cuisine.

While exploring the best Peruvian restaurants in Madrid, don’t miss out on the most typical dishes that capture the essence of Peru’s culinary identity. Whether savoring the refreshing “ceviche” or delighting in the comforting ají de gallina, each dish tells a story of Peru’s cultural tapestry.

So, whether you’re a seasoned Peruvian cuisine enthusiast or a curious foodie, Madrid’s Peruvian dining scene promises a gastronomic journey filled with authenticity and flavor.

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