Top 10 Korean Restaurants in Madrid

Get ready to dive into the wonderful world of Korean cuisine right here in the capital of Spain! Whether you are a big fan of Korean food or just eager to try something new and tasty, currently there are amazing Korean restaurants in Madrid.

With the rising influence of K-culture, plenty of Korean restaurants are popping up all over the city, and this is my list of the top 10 places to eat Korean food in Madrid.

Best Korean Restaurants in Madrid

1. Maru

Address: C. Reina 37, 28004, Madrid
Phone: +34 915 239 531

Maru is a top spot in Madrid for traditional Korean food. Their menu boasts classic dishes like kimchi, Korean dumplings, and barbecue options. You can even grill your own meats at your table!

And don’t forget to pair your meal with Hite, a Korean beer. Maru is a must-visit for an authentic taste of Korea in the heart of the city.

2. GaRam

Address: C. Río 4, 28013, Madrid
Phone: +34 630 207 462

GaRam has quickly become one of my favorite Korean restaurants in Madrid.

A friend recommended it, and I was impressed by its wide variety of authentic dishes and fantastic value for money. The Korean barbecue, in my opinion, is an absolute must-try.

3. Gayagum

Address: C. Arrieta 13, 28013, Madrid
Phone: +34 915 420 488

Gayagum restaurant boasts a simple yet inviting decor, letting the focus shine on its stellar cuisine and attentive staff, incredibly helpful in guiding your spice preferences.

Their menu is a treasure trove of typical Korean specialties, accompanied by a wide array of side dishes. Standout dishes are the popular bibimbap and the soups.

4. Seoul

Address: Ronda de Segovia 25, 28005, Madrid
Phone: +34 913 650 087

Seoul restaurant in Madrid offers a pleasant atmosphere coupled with attentive and friendly service. This upscale Korean dining spot features specialties from the country, including sizzling grills cooked right at the diners’ tables.

It is advisable to consult the server when ordering, as some portions might not be particularly large. You can’t leave without trying one of their handmade dessert bites.

5. Korea

Address: C. Cristóbal Bordiú 59, 28003, Madrid
Phone: +34 915 542 034

Korea is among the most popular Korean restaurants in Madrid, known for its traditional décor and delectable cuisine.

Visitors are drawn not only to the flavorful dishes like mandu, kimbap, or bulgogi but also to the experience of having chefs cook the food right at their table. It tends to get quite crowded, so it is best to make reservations in advance.

6. Dimibang

Address: C. Rodríguez San Pedro 67, 28015, Madrid
Phone: +34 915 446 213

At Dimibang, you will discover a small yet excellent spot known for its great service and food.

It offers a fusion of Korean and Japanese cuisine and among its standout dishes are traditional Korean barbecue, bibimbap, and an extensive selection of soups, prevalent in Korean culinary culture.

7. MiDang

Address: C. San Antonio 6, 28020, Madrid
Phone: +34 918 191 920

MiDang might not be one of the most well-known Korean restaurants in Madrid, but it is undoubtedly one of my favorites due to its quality, attentive service, and more than reasonable prices.

The place is quite small, so making a reservation is essential. Among its standout dishes are the dolsot bibimbap, jeiukbokum, and cholpan bulgogi, which is perfect for sharing.

8. Luke

Address: C. Bárbara de Braganza 2, 28004, Madrid
Phone: +34 662 675 576

For those seeking something a bit different, Luke is the place to be. It offers experimental Korean cuisine crafted by the renowned chef Luke Jang, who honed his skills at the famed “El Bulli” Restaurant under Ferran Adrià.

The cuisine has a Korean base but is fused with other techniques and ingredients. The venue consists of a restaurant with an exclusive menu and a tavern-like space for casual Korean street-inspired tapas with surprising flavors, drawing inspiration from the vibrant street food stalls of Asia.

However, it is worth noting that the price per diner is higher compared to the other options mentioned in this post.

9. Dadam

Address: C. Factor 8, 28013, Madrid
Phone: +34 911 298 584

Located in the heart of the capital, Dadam sits close to some of Madrid’s main tourist attractions.

The place is small, and its entrance might go unnoticed, making it one of the city’s hidden gems. I discovered this restaurant through great TripAdvisor reviews, and it didn’t disappoint.

Highly recommended for its friendly staff and delicious dishes, it is undoubtedly a fantastic choice to recharge if you are touring around the city center.

10. Izakaya Han

Address: C. San Bartolomé 10, 28004, Madrid
Phone: +34 912 987 711

At Izakaya Han, attention to detail greets you from the moment you step through the door. The restaurant’s meticulous decor and spectacular presentation of each dish aim to introduce visitors to Asian culture.

Alongside Korean dishes, you will also discover Japanese specialties and more. Situated in Chueca, this modern spot is undoubtedly one of my favorite Korean restaurants in Madrid.

Typical Korean Foods

South Korean food is gaining more prominence thanks to films and TV shows such as Parasite and Squid Game. These are some of the most popular Korean foods:


Bibimbap is the hero of Korean comfort food. Imagine a bowl filled with fluffy rice topped with a vibrant mix of sautéed vegetables, a fried egg, and a punchy gochujang sauce.


Bulgogi is a Korean BBQ masterpiece. Thinly sliced marinated beef is grilled to tender perfection. It’s a crowd-pleaser that never fails to impress.


Mandu, or Korean dumplings, are usually filled with a delightful mix of seasoned meat, vegetables, and sometimes tofu. Whether steamed, boiled, or fried, this famous K-food is perfect for dipping into a savory sauce.


Japchae is a dish of stir-fried glass noodles and vegetables seasoned with soy sauce and sesame oil. Its irresistible blend of textures and flavors makes it a hit among noodle lovers.

Fried Chicken

Korean fried chicken’s secret lies in its double-fried technique, resulting in an addictively crispy exterior and juicy, flavorful meat. It’s often coated in a variety of mouthwatering sauces, from sweet and spicy to soy garlic.


Kimchi is Korea’s iconic fermented side dish, usually made from cabbage or radishes infused with a fiery mix of chili peppers, garlic, ginger, and more. Its bold, tangy flavor and health benefits have made it a beloved staple in Korean cuisine.


Kimbap is Korea’s answer to sushi, a roll of rice, vegetables, egg, and meat, all snugly wrapped in seaweed.


Jjajangmyeon features chewy noodles smothered in a thick, savory black bean sauce, usually paired with diced pork and vegetables.


Finally, Korean BBQ is an experience like no other. Grilling marinated meats like beef, pork, or chicken right at your table is an interactive and mouthwatering affair. The smoky aroma and flavors are simply irresistible.

From the comforting warmth of bibimbap to the sizzle of Korean BBQ, exploring these dishes in one of the best Korean restaurants in Madrid is like embarking on a flavorful adventure through the heart of Korea.

Final Words

In the heart of Madrid, the vibrant Korean culinary scene beckons food enthusiasts and curious palates alike. From hidden gems like Dadam to the experimental delights at Luke, each restaurant offers a unique journey into the rich tapestry of Korean flavors.

Whether you are savoring the traditional charm of MiDang or exploring the fusion creations at Izakaya Han, the diverse range of eateries ensures there’s something for every taste.

With each bite, these restaurants not only tantalize the taste buds but also transport diners on a flavorful adventure across the streets of Seoul, making the Korean dining experience in Madrid truly unforgettable.

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