How to Book your High-Speed Train from Madrid to Cordoba

The train from Madrid to Cordoba has become a favored and effective means of travel. It grants business travelers and tourists the opportunity to embark on a day trip, returning to their starting point by evening.

Cordoba is one of the most popular destinations in Spain where centuries of rich history seamlessly blend with stunning architecture.

From schedules and tickets to other travel options, keep reading to get all the details about the high-speed train from Madrid to Cordoba.

Routes, Schedules, Tickets and more

Which train companies serve the route from Madrid to Cordoba?

If you want to travel from Madrid to Cordoba by train, there are different train companies you can choose from. One of the main companies is Renfe, which is Spain’s national railway company. They have high-speed trains called AVE that are a popular option for this journey because they are fast and efficient.

Recently, other companies like Iryo and Avlo have started offering high-speed trains from Madrid to Cordoba. These companies provide budget-friendly tickets, which is great for your wallet.

With these additional choices, you have more options and you can select a service that aligns with your preferences, all these companies offer a speedy journey and a comfortable ride.

Renfe vs Iryo vs Avlo

When it comes to getting from Madrid to Cordoba by high-speed train, there are 3 main train companies to choose from: Renfe, Iryo, and Avlo. Let’s briefly examine each option to help you determine the best fit for your needs.

  • Renfe: As Spain’s primary train company, Renfe operates AVE trains known for their punctuality, comfort, and extensive network. They remain a top choice for many travelers.
  • Iryo: A newer player in the high-speed train industry, Iryo is gaining popularity due to its fast and modern trains, often offered at competitive prices. Personal experiences with them have been consistently positive.
  • Avlo: A part of Renfe, Avlo caters to budget-conscious travelers, providing a reliable high-speed train experience without sacrificing essential amenities.

When deciding between Renfe, Iryo, and Avlo, consider your priorities. However, it is highly recommended to compare the prices of these three companies to ensure you secure the best deal for your train from Madrid to Cordoba.

AVE high-speed trains

Where does the train from Madrid to Cordoba depart from?

The train from Madrid to Cordoba departs from Madrid’s main train station, which is known as Puerta de Atocha.

This major transportation hub is conveniently located, allowing easy access via public transportation from any point in the capital within a few minutes.

How much do the train tickets from Madrid to Cordoba cost?

The cost of train tickets from Madrid to Cordoba can vary depending on several factors, including the class of service, the type of train, and how far in advance you book.

Standard class tickets for AVE high-speed trains usually start from around €26 to €33 for a one-way trip. For Iryo and Avlo trains, the one-way tickets can be found for around €18.

To get the most accurate and current prices, don´t forget to visit the official websites of the train companies or use online booking platforms that provide real-time fare details.

Iryo vs Ouigo

How long does the Madrid train to Cordoba take?

The train from Madrid to Cordoba typically takes approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. This efficient mode of travel is particularly beneficial for travelers seeking to make the most of their time.

Given the shortness of the journey, it serves as a perfect weekend getaway from Madrid. If you catch the train early on Saturday and return on Sunday night, you can savor two incredible days in this wonderful city.

What are the train times from Madrid to Cordoba?

There are numerous trains from Madrid to Cordoba available throughout the day. The first train departs at 6:50 AM, while the last one leaves at 9:10 PM. This wide array of departure times offers you flexibility in selecting a schedule that aligns with your preferences.

It is advisable to arrive at the platform a few minutes before the designated departure time, as the high-speed trains from Madrid to Cordoba are well-known for their punctual departures.

Where does the train from Madrid stop in Cordoba?

The train from Madrid stops at the main train station in Cordoba, which is known as “Cordoba Central” or “Cordoba Station”.

Cordoba Central Station is conveniently located near the city center, and you can easily reach the central area by various means of transportation such as taxis, buses, or even on foot.

Alternative Transportation Options from Madrid to Cordoba

Bus from Madrid to Cordoba

While trains offer a convenient mode of transportation from Madrid to Cordoba, buses present another viable option for travelers.

The distance between Madrid and Cordoba is approximately 395 kilometers (245 miles). The journey from Madrid to Cordoba by bus typically takes around 4 hours and 45 minutes and the price of a one-way ticket is around € 28.

Socibus buses depart from the Estación Sur (South Station) and get to the Cordoba Bus Station.

Socibus buses to Andalusia from Madrid

How to get from Madrid to Cordoba by car

The most common route for driving from Madrid to Cordoba is via the A-4 highway. The approximate travel time is around 4 hours, depending on traffic conditions and the number of stops. If you are traveling to Cordoba by car, you must consider that parking in the historic center is pretty difficult.

If you opt to drive, it is advisable to take it easy and, if possible, take turns at the wheel. Nonetheless, if you are not keen on driving, I highly recommend taking the high-speed train from Madrid to Cordoba.

From Madrid to Cordoba by plane

When it comes to traveling from Madrid to Cordoba by air, it is important to note that the nearest commercial airport is in Seville, 110 kilometers (68 miles) away from Cordoba.

As a result, considering the considerable distance, the waiting times at airports, and the cost involved, opting for a flight becomes a less favorable choice compared to the efficient and cost-effective train from Madrid to Cordoba.

What to do in Cordoba Spain

Cordoba, a city steeped in history and cultural richness, boasts an array of enchanting attractions that captivate every visitor.

Here’s a glimpse into some of the must-visit gems that make Cordoba a truly remarkable destination in Spain:

  • The Mosque-Cathedral (“Mezquita”): A mesmerizing blend of Islamic and Christian architecture. This UNESCO World Heritage Site narrates centuries of history through its stunning arches and intricate designs.
  • Alcazar: A fortress showcasing beautiful gardens, historic mosaics, and imposing towers. The Alcazar’s role in Spain’s history is as captivating as its architectural splendor.
  • Jewish Quarter (“Judería”): Wander through the labyrinthine streets of the Jewish Quarter, where charming alleys, historic synagogues, and traditional courtyards paint a vivid picture of Cordoba’s rich Jewish heritage.
  • Plaza Corredera: Experience the vibrant atmosphere of Plaza Corredera, the city’s lively square. Lined with colorful facades and bustling cafes it is the perfect spot to soak in Cordoba’s local flavor.
  • Roman Bridge: An ancient structure that spans the Guadalquivir River. The views of the Mosque-Cathedral from this vantage point are simply breathtaking.
  • Medina Azahara: The archaeological site of Medina Azahara is a medieval palace-city that stands as a testament to the grandeur of the Caliphate era.
  • Palacio de Viana: A palace surrounded by twelve stunning patios, each adorned with unique flora and design, offering a glimpse into Cordoba’s aristocratic past.
  • Calleja de las Flores: A narrow street adorned with vibrant blooms, leading to stunning views of the Mezquita.
  • Roman Temple: An ancient structure that stands as a testament to Cordoba’s Roman history.
  • Traditional Cordoban “Patios”: Immerse yourself in the charm of Cordoba’s typical “patios”, where vibrant flowers, ceramic tiles, and soothing fountains create a tranquil oasis in the heart of the city.

Final Words

Visiting Cordoba from Madrid is totally worth it. Cordoba is like a treasure chest full of amazing things to discover. You get to explore a historic city with a mix of cultures, where ancient buildings like the Mosque-Cathedral and the Alcazar tell fascinating stories.

Plus, there is the unique experience of wandering through the charming streets of the Jewish Quarter and the traditional patios filled with flowers. Cordoba is like a journey back in time, and thanks to the high-speed train it is a fantastic and easy-to-reach destination from the capital.

With a travel duration of less than two hours, the train from Madrid to Cordoba even enables the potential for a round trip within the same day.

Moreover, the entry of new operators into the market has substantially enhanced the availability of affordable tickets. This not only increases accessibility but also underscores the appeal of this transportation option for a diverse spectrum of travelers.


What is the distance from Madrid to Cordoba?

The distance from Madrid to Cordoba is approximately 395 kilometers (245 miles).

How long does the train journey from Madrid to Cordoba take?

The high-speed train journey takes approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.

How expensive is the Madrid train to Cordoba?

Standard class tickets for high-speed AVE trains usually start from around €26. Other companies such as Iryo and Avlo offer slightly more budget-friendly tickets.

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