Bus from Madrid to Valladolid: All You Need to Know

When it comes to traveling from Madrid to the historic town of Valladolid, taking a bus is a convenient and affordable choice.

In this guide, I will provide you with all the crucial details you need to know about taking a bus from Madrid to Valladolid, from schedules, ticketing, and alternative transportation options, to exploring Valladolid’s cultural treasures.

Routes, Schedules, Tickets and more

Keep on reading to find everything you need to plan your trip efficiently and enjoyably. Let’s get started!

Which bus companies serve the route from Madrid to Valladolid?

Alsa offers daily departures between Madrid and Valladolid. It is one of the leading bus companies in Spain, known for its reliable and comfortable travel services.

Alsa provides passengers with all the amenities for an exceptional travel experience. This includes comfortable ergonomic seats, free Wi-Fi, and high-quality individual touch-screen monitors.

Where does the bus from Madrid to Valladolid depart from?

The Alsa buses that travel from Madrid to Valladolid depart from Moncloa Station and Estación Sur de Autobuses (Bus South Station), the busiest bus station in Spain.

For the added convenience of travelers arriving in Madrid by plane, the company Alsa also provides buses from Madrid to Valladolid that depart daily from terminal T4 of the Madrid Barajas Airport.

How to get to Moncloa Station

It is located at C/ Princesa 89, 28008, Madrid. The Moncloa Station is one of the main transport hubs in Madrid and serves Madrid Metro as well as city buses, and intercity and long-distance coaches.

The best way to get to Moncloa Station is by taking the metro, specifically Line 3 (Yellow Line) or Line 6 (Grey Line), as they provide direct access to the station.

How to get to Estación Sur

It is located at Méndez Álvaro 83, 28045, Madrid. This bustling transportation is easily accessible from any point in the city via multiple modes of transportation.

You can reach the station conveniently using the metro (Line 6), urban buses (lines 102, 113, 148, N11), and trains (lines C1, C5, C7, C10).

How much do the bus tickets from Madrid to Valladolid cost?

A one-way ticket for an Alsa bus from Madrid to Valladolid can range from 10 to 18 euros, depending on the time of booking and the type of fare (in case changes and cancellations are allowed). For the added comfort of the Supra buses, prices can go up to 24 euros.

Please be aware that the prices provided in this post are accurate at the time of writing, but they may be subject to change depending on when you are viewing them. For the most precise and current pricing, I recommend visiting the official Alsa website.

How to purchase the bus tickets

You can purchase the tickets online, through the Alsa official app, by phone (+34 902 422 242), and at the stations´ points of sale.

While there are multiple departures throughout the day, it is advisable to secure your tickets in advance to ensure your seat on the bus from Madrid to Valladolid.

How long does it take to get to Valladolid from Madrid by bus?

The distance between Madrid and Valladolid is approximately 210 kilometers (130 miles). The journey from Madrid to Valladolid usually takes between 2 hours and 15 minutes to 3 hours and 15 minutes, depending on the departure, origin station, and traffic conditions.

What are the bus times from Madrid to Valladolid?

There are more than 30 daily buses from Madrid to Valladolid departing from 6:15 to 00:30. The range of departure times provides you with flexibility, allowing you to choose a schedule that aligns with your preferences.

It is recommended to arrive at the bus stop at least 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time to ensure a smooth boarding process.

Where does the bus stop in Valladolid?

The Alsa bus from Madrid to Valladolid stops at the bus station at Puente Colgante 2, 47007, Valladolid.

From the Valladolid bus station, which needs an urgent renovation, you can take an urban bus, a taxi, or walk to the city center (15 minutes) or to your accommodation.

Alternative Transportation Options from Madrid to Valladolid

Train from Madrid to Valladolid

alvia high speed train

The most comfortable and fastest option to travel from Madrid to Valladolid is the high-speed train (AVE, AVANT, and ALVIA trains), which only takes around 1 hour to cover the journey between both cities.

High-speed trains to Valladolid depart from Chamartín-Clara Campoamor Station and arrive at Valladolid-Campo Grande train station.

The one-way ticket price usually starts at € 25 depending on the date, time, and anticipation.

How to get from Madrid to Valladolid by car

The most common route is taking the A-6 highway. The approximate driving time from Madrid to Valladolid is around 2 hours, depending on traffic conditions.

Traveling by car from Madrid to Valladolid provides you with the flexibility to visit other nearby points of interest.

How to Get from Madrid Airport to Valladolid

To get from Madrid Barajas Airport to Valladolid, you have a few options:

  • By Bus: There are direct bus services available from Madrid Barajas Airport to Valladolid. The journey takes approximately 3 to 3.5 hours.
  • By Train: Take the Cercanias C-1 train from the airport to Chamartín-Clara Campoamor Station. From there, you can catch a high-speed train to Valladolid. The total duration of the journey, factoring in transfers and waiting times, is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.
  • By Car: The journey from Madrid Barajas Airport to Valladolid by car takes about 2 hours.

Is Valladolid Worth a Visit?

Absolutely, Valladolid is definitely worth a visit! This charming Spanish city is steeped in history and culture, offering a wealth of attractions and experiences for visitors.

Serving as the capital of Castile and León, Valladolid boasts a captivating medieval city center adorned with architectural marvels, significant museums, and delectable cuisine.

Top 5 things to do in Valladolid

These are 5 of the best things to do in Valladolid:

1. Explore the Architectural Marvels

Begin your journey by immersing yourself in Valladolid’s rich history through its architectural gems.

Visit the historic University of Valladolid, a symbol of academic excellence dating back centuries. Don’t miss the impressive Santa Cruz Palace, which stands as the inaugural masterpiece of Renaissance art in Spain.

2. Discover the Splendor of Churches

Valladolid is home to a collection of stunning churches that showcase various architectural styles and periods.

Make sure to visit the Valladolid Cathedral, a magnificent example of Gothic architecture, and San Pablo, San Benito, San Martín, El Salvador, and La Antigua Churches.

3. Wander Through Iconic Streets and Plaza Mayor

Take a leisurely stroll through the charming streets of Valladolid city center, where you will encounter a mix of charming boutiques, cafes, and historical sites.

Make your way to the lively Plaza Mayor, the heart of the city, where you can soak in the vibrant atmosphere and enjoy a coffee at one of the inviting terraces.

4. Relax at Campo Grande Park

For a tranquil escape, head to Campo Grande Park, a sprawling green oasis in the heart of Valladolid.

Take a leisurely walk along its scenic paths and admire the diverse flora. It is a perfect spot to unwind amidst nature.

5. Indulge in Local Gastronomy

No visit to Valladolid is complete without savoring the local culinary delights.

Treat yourself to traditional Spanish tapas, and don’t miss the opportunity to try the famous “lechazo”, a succulent roasted lamb dish while indulging in Valladolid’s exquisite wines.


I hope you have found this article useful if you are considering taking the bus from Madrid to Valladolid. Valladolid is a Spanish city rich in history and culture, which seamlessly blends architectural elegance, vibrant street life, and delicious gastronomy.

In addition to the bus, I have included other transportation alternatives for traveling from Madrid to Valladolid, with the high-speed train being the most compelling option, albeit not as budget-friendly as the bus.


What is the closest airport to Valladolid?

The closest airport to Valladolid is Valladolid Airport (VLL), which is approximately 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) away from the city center. However, it primarily serves a few domestic routes, connecting to destinations like Barcelona, Mallorca, and the Canary Islands.

What is the distance from Madrid to Valladolid?

The distance from Madrid to Valladolid is approximately 210 kilometers (130 miles) by road. Keep in mind that travel distances may vary slightly depending on the specific route taken.

How long does the bus journey from Madrid to Valladolid take?

The bus from Madrid to Valladolid typically takes between 2 hours and 15 minutes to 3 hours and 15 minutes, depending on the departure, origin station, and traffic conditions.

Is Wi-Fi available on board the buses from Madrid to Valladolid?

Yes, Alsa buses on this route are equipped with complimentary Wi-Fi, allowing passengers to stay connected during their journey.

Are there discounts available for the bus from Madrid to Valladolid?

Yes, Alsa offers a range of discounts to make travel more accessible. These include reduced fares for children and senior citizens, as well as special rates for large families, the unemployed, and individuals with disabilities.

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