Why Visit Madrid? 10 Reasons to Visit Madrid, Spain right now.

Are you thinking of visiting the capital of Spain? I’m sure you’re wondering why visit Madrid. Well, this city has it all! Beautiful monuments and landmarks, lots of attractions, delicious food, unique museums…

As I was born and raised in Madrid, I am going to share with you my top reasons to visit Madrid, so you can enjoy the city to the fullest, and feel like a local.

Reasons why visit Madrid, Spain

Is Madrid worth visiting? The short answer is yes!

As the capital of Spain, Madrid is full of wonderful activities to explore. From incredible museums to delicious food to exciting music festivals, there is always something to do while visiting Madrid.

One thing you may be surprised to find while in Madrid is there are not as many tourists. Unfortunately, Madrid is quite overshadowed by Barcelona. Though Barcelona is a wonderful city, Madrid is truly an underrated gem

How many days in Madrid

There are so many reasons why visit Madrid, but this post will cover the top 10 reasons to visit Madrid. Hopefully, after reading this list you will see that Madrid is well worth visiting! 

Why Visit Madrid: 10 Reasons to Visit Madrid

1. Beautiful Architecture

Wherever you step foot in Madrid, you will be surrounded by incredible architecture.

Madrid is a pedestrian-friendly city, so walk around Madrid and really take in all of the picturesque buildings that surround you. There are lots of famous sites in Madrid you must see!

One of the most famous spots has to be the Plaza Mayor. This is an open area surrounded by gorgeous buildings, with each room having its own balcony facing the open space.

is Madrid a good city to visit

Marvel at the neoclassical design of Palacio de Cibeles, or visit the incredible Palacio Real (Royal Palace).

There is a multitude of other stunning buildings in Madrid, so be on the lookout wherever you go. Check out my best things to do in Madrid and get to planning your amazing trip!

2. Summer Music Festivals 

During the summer in Madrid, the city becomes a hot spot for music festivals. From Reggaeton Festivals to the famous Mad Cool Festival, there is a music festival for every genre.

Mad Cool Big Wheel

The Madrid sun is incredible, and many of these music festivals are outside. It is a great way to enjoy the summer breeze of Madrid while watching your favorite musician perform live. Madrid is a good holiday destination!

If the Spanish heat is too much for you, there are some indoor concerts as well.

3. All the Delicious Food

Why visit Madrid? The food of course!

There are many reasons I love Madrid, but the food has to come in number 1. It is so so so good!

Spain is known for its incredible tapas, and rightfully so. You get to try a variety of local Spanish cuisine in one sitting!

There are many hidden tapas bars in Madrid. Try speaking with some of the locals to find the best tapas places that others don’t know about. And don’t forget to go to San Miguel food market!

Food_why to visit Madrid

If you aren’t sure where to start your food journey in Madrid, don’t worry. There are plenty of amazing food tours, cooking classes, and food markets to check out. When it comes to food, the Spaniards do not mess around. A good reason why travel to Madrid!

4. High Fashion

Shopping in Madrid is an experience like no other!

The city is built on fashion, so there are plenty of unique boutiques that will satisfy anyone’s fashion needs.

Las Rozas Village is the best outlet in Madrid

For more high-end brands, explore Goya or Velazquez streets. There are smaller local fashion stores in the backstreets of these areas, so don’t forget to check out the hidden streets!

If you prefer a more unique fashion style, try the stores on Fuencarral Street. You will see why Madrid is worth visiting!

5. Awesome Nightlife

One of the best reasons to visit Madrid is that it doesn’t close down when the sun sets. You will find people out and about at all times of the day.

why visit madrid spain at nigh

The nightlife in Madrid is varied. There are many who enjoy going clubbing, or more commonly, bar-hopping.

Like most of Europe, beer and wine are quite cheap, so you can have a lot of fun while staying on a budget. Just another reason why is Madrid a good place to visit!

If this isn’t your scene that’s okay! Lots of stores and restaurants stay open late in case you prefer some late-night shopping or eating.

6. The Plaza Mayor

The architecture isn’t the only great thing about the Plaza Mayor. This area is a space where many street performers and merchants come together.

Plaza Mayor in Madrid

Whether you want to buy some local goods, or just people watch, you can find yourself enjoying the Plaza Mayor for hours.

When the winter months come around, the Plaza Mayor is beautifully decorated into a Christmas market. With its sparkling lights and wooden merchant stands, the Plaza Mayor feels like a Christmas wonderland.

7. The Golden Triangle of Art

Madrid has three main art museums that have been dubbed The Golden Triangle of Art.

These include the Prado, Thyssen-Bornemisza, and Reina Sofía museums.

Madrid museum

Each museum houses thousands of classical art pieces and collections from artists like Diego Velázquez, Peter Paul Rubens, and Titian to name a few.

Reina Sofía focuses more on Spanish modern art and houses the famous Guernica painting by Picasso. If you’re an art enthusiast, then this is definitely why you should visit Madrid.

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8. Watching and Listening to Flamenco

Discovering Spain’s bright culture is one of the main reasons to visit Madrid.

Flamenco show in Madrid

Spain is rich in culture, and Madrid has held onto it well. This can be seen in many of the “tablaos” (flamenco shows) that are hosted around the city.

Experiencing a Flamenco show is like no other. Madrid is where the best Flamenco stars come to shine.

The soulful yet snappy music is enchanting, and it is a completely unique site to see. Cardamomo and Corral de la Morería are two of the most famous spots to watch an amazing Flamenco show.

9. Flea Markets Galore 

One of the main attractions that make Madrid worth visiting is its flea markets.

There are many flea markets to explore, but the most famous has to be El Rastro.

Madrid flea market

El Rastro has been around for centuries and continues to be a bustling flea market. Search its side streets to find stores that have maintained El Rastro’s original storefronts and signages.

Buy some local goods, or use the old buildings as a backdrop for an unforgettable picture.

10. The Perfect Balance of City and Nature

The hustle and bustle of Madrid can get a bit overwhelming for some travelers. But there are green spaces scattered around the city for when you need a breather in nature.

El Retiro park in Madrid

Most tourists only know about El Retiro Park, but the Madrid Rio is just as beautiful!

This green space is by the Manzanares River and is filled with playgrounds, a small beach, and plenty of greenery to make you forget you’re in Madrid.

Check out my post about the best parks in Madrid!

Final Words on Why Visit Madrid

There are many reasons to visit Madrid. Experience traditional Flamenco shows or dine on delicious tapas. There is something for every traveler to enjoy when visiting Madrid.

If you were wondering “Is Madrid worth visiting?” Hopefully, this list has answered that question!

There may only be 10 reasons on this list, but there is so much more to explore in Madrid. Take the plunge and discover all of the wonders that lie in Madrid, Spain!

Madrid really ticks every box. So maybe a better question is why wouldn’t you visit Madrid next?

Hope to see you there!


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