Top 7 Indian Restaurants in Madrid

Best Indian restaurants in Madrid

In Madrid, due to its cosmopolitan character, we are fortunate to have a very wide culinary diversity. If you want to try the best Indian restaurants in Madrid, in this post you will find my top 7. India is one of my favorite countries, among other reasons for its tasty cuisine full of spices, exotic … Read more

Reasons to study in Madrid

Reasons to study in Madrid Spain

Studying abroad is a unique and highly rewarding experience. If you have not decided on your destination yet, these are my 10 reasons why you should study in Madrid. 10 reasons to study in Madrid (Spain) There are plenty of reasons why studying abroad has become so popular. Some students highlight the incredible personal experience … Read more

Top 7 Mexican Restaurants in Madrid

Best Mexican restaurants in Madrid

Are you searching for the best Mexican restaurants in Madrid? From tasty tacos, fajitas, and burritos to delicious guacamole and quesadillas, Madrid is home to excellent restaurants to taste the flavors of authentic Mexican food. And, of course, do not forget to grab some frozen Margaritas or Micheladas. There is an extremely wide range of … Read more

The Crystal Palace in El Retiro Park

Crystal Palace in El Retiro

Located in the very center of El Retiro Park, the Crystal Palace is considered one of the best examples of metallic architecture in Spain. This stunning building stands next to a small artificial pond with ducks, geese, and black swans. I have no doubt this is one of the most popular Instagram spots in Madrid … Read more

Exploring El Retiro Park in Madrid

El Retiro Park in Madrid

From wide-open green areas to magnificent architecture, El Retiro Park in Madrid has become the heart of the city. This unique park is a popular spot among locals, to work out or to take a stroll and slow down after a busy day. This comprehensive guide to the most famous park in Madrid provides you … Read more

The 30 Best Rooftops in Madrid

Best rooftops in Madrid

Are you searching for some amazing views of Madrid? And a spectacular sunset? What about a fresh cocktail? Perhaps some tapas too? Then, visiting the best rooftops in Madrid should be a must on your bucket list. These popular Instagram spots are cool, trendy, and especially convenient due to the excellent weather in the city. … Read more